Want Canada Permanent Residence through Express Entry Program 2015

Are you a Canada immigration-inspired aspirant and wish to get its prized and much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) status in 2015? To put it differently, do you wish to get Canada PR, via Express Entry Program? If the answer is in the affirmative, this edit is just for you!

For any immigrants, acquiring the PR Visa of Canada can be a dream come true. A great number of people have previously tried their luck in acquiring the same, through various programs up for grabs. The FSW program though, so far, has been a big favorite of all, though under the same not everyone can be considered. If your desires are strong, and if you still want to acquire the same, you need not to worry, as Canada’s Permanent Residence can also be obtained through Express Entry Program 2015.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the immigration and visa body of the nation–plans to introduce a new immigration program that will offer express entry to the eligible immigrants, for filling the many vacant posts, for which there are no Canadian workers available in the Maple Leaf Country (another name of Canada).

Through the scheme, applications will be duly accepted from different genres, and unlike other programs, you do not require experience under specific occupation. The Express Entry Program is neither restricted to any particular line-of-work list, nor it is bounded with any cap. Applicants have to present their credentials irrespective of which occupation they are involved with. However, it will be mandatory for them to successfully meet the passing mark requirement even as they should be chosen by the Canadian Employer.

As per a report, the current immigration Minister of the nation has stated that Canadian employers will be able to bring foreign workers to the nation for a long-term stay. He further elaborated that Canadian recruiters/companies will be able to bring their Labor Market Opinion (LMO), their job offer to the newly developed Express Entry system.

And, also make sure that every individual, who comes to the nation under the program arrives as an immigrant and not as a temporary foreign worker—not as someone who is in the country with an uncertain future and likely to go back, but as a full immigrant to Canada.

Canada Permanent Residence can easily be obtained through Express Entry Program 2015. The plan will allow the CIC to recruit, assess, and select skilled perspective immigrants under the following federal economic immigration programs:

I. The Federal Skilled Worker Program,

II. The Federal Skilled Trades Program, and

III. The Canadian Experience Class.

Each specific Canadian province and territory will be given the permission to recruit suitable candidates from the Express Entry system, for a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs, to meet the demand of local labor market. Under the program, employers will play a rather important role in selecting the economic immigrants. Firms/job-providers will be able to access applicants through the countries Job Bank, and select the candidates accordingly.

Program–Salient Features

I. The CIC will be authorized to select only “the best applicant” who is eligible to be quite successful in the Maple Leaf Country.

II. The scheme will be able to develop an improvised Job Bank. It will make easier to find a suitable applicant, between Canadian employers and Express Entry candidates.

III. The Canadian government is expected to make an investment of $14 million over the next two years, and $4.7 million every year thereafter–just to make sure that the scheme is successfully implemented.

IV. It is expected that all applications of the qualified aspirants will be fast processed, in a fixed period of six months or even less, once invited to land on the nation’s shores.

One sincerely hopes the information given above proves fruitful for you, and you successfully manage to get Canada Permanent Residence through Express Entry Program 2015! Wish you all the best!

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