Use Hungary Residency Bond Programme for Its Benefits!

Are you an enterprising investor and looking for an opportunity to invest in Europe? Are you keen in acquiring permanent residence status in a stunningly beautiful and developed European nation? If yes, then why not Hungary? It is a fast growing European country and it is difficult to overlook it, especially by those who wish to make one time investment and want to enjoy lifelong benefits.

The country is a member of Schengen Zone and European Union (EU), and is among the 30 most visited countries in the world. It is considered as a safest country not only in Europe, but in the world. If you are settling in Hungary with your family, this means you are granted a lifelong social security.

This beautiful dynamic country located in central Europe has a rich and ethnically diverse culture, consistent growing economy and arguably the best healthcare facilities. Hungary Residency Bond Program proffers loads of advantages and benefits to foreign investors.

Hungary Residency Bond Programme

It is pretty dynamic and is proving to be an easy gateway to those who wish to call Europe their second home.

The programme is popular among those who wish to acquire the nation’s PR in return of EUR 360000. It is most feasible for non EU citizens with no criminal background. The candidates are required to make one time investment of EUR 300,000 in government approved bonds.

The Hungarian Government uses the amount to boost the national economy, and at the end of the fixed tenure, the invested amount is refunded to the candidate, without any interest on it.

Initially, eligible candidates are granted a temporary residence, and once the applicant has lived in the nation for six months, he is entitled to apply for PR.

Primary applicant and his partner and children below the age of 18 are eligible to move under the category. Once you have successfully obtained the visa under the category, you can freely access the Schengen Zone and European countries.

Hungary Residency Bond Programme– Eligibility Criteria Use Hungary Residency Bond Programme for Its Benefits!

  • The candidate must be a legal citizen of Non EU country with a valid passport.
  • Be ready to make an investment of EUR 360000 in government approved fixed bonds. The amount is refundable at the end of the tenure.
  • The candidate should not be a threat to national security.

Hungary Residency Bond Programme—Major Benefits

  • Fast processing, the candidate may get the visa in just two weeks.
  • You give money just once but make use of it in your entire life.
  • The programme is applicable for a family of four. Your wife and minor kids are also included in the scheme 100% free of cost.
  • Non EU citizens from every corner of the world are eligible to apply for the programme.
  • The scheme does not have any rigorous requirements when it comes to education, medical condition or nationality.
  • Low processing fee. The total cost is EIR 360000 of which EIR 300000 will be refunded post a period of 5 years. It really costs EUR 6000 for the entire family and this cheapest offer in the whole Europe.
  • A free opportunity to travel in and out of the country any number of times.
  • Hungary is a very safe nation. You and your family do not have to worry about safety while you are in the country.

The programme offers special benefits to couples with children a grant of 110 pounds every month is granted in order to meet the basic demands of children while they are staying in the country. The work environment is excellent, working hours are fixed to six hours in a day. At the same time, being a PR you get to enjoy many other social and economical benefits.

As compared to other investor programmes, for European countries, the Residency Bond Programme is comparatively easier and is processed at the fast rate. It also allows the candidate to bring along his family members to the country.

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