US Will Not Subject Immigrants to Religious Test

People, irrespective of their religious beliefs, are welcome to the US. Since long, the nation has been known the world over for its free and liberal religious policies, even while people–with or without religious beliefs–are more than welcome to make the US their home.

This message became loud and clear again when the latest US immigration bill reportedly stated there will be no religious test whatsoever on the US immigrants. Called Freedom of Religion Act, Don Beyer, the US Representative, has introduced the bill. Made public recently, the bill will forbid religious bias in the garb of immigration.

Freedom of Religion Act 2016

The same will completely alter the Immigration and Nationality Act, via taking in a new section, called “Prohibition on denying admission because of religion”. It states that a migrant shall not be refused entrance to the US because of his religion, or absence of religion principles.

The same further states that the country cannot permit mistrust and dread to propel the country’s public strategy. Beyer stated that it is particularly spot on in describing the values of the US. He added that people, across the globe, look to the US as the model for freedom, broadmindedness and liberation.

He further indicated that any favoritism on religion ground will not help; it, in fact, will weaken the code of religious liberty upon which the US was based. The US is a country that accepts all and sundry from different walks of life and faiths.

For several centuries, the nation has been the envoys of hope and freedom from religious repression. Hence, a religious prohibition on the US immigration or voyage will betray the pledge of freedom that resulted in the creation of the nation. Furthermore, the same will damage the national interests as well, he added.

The bill with 50 co-sponsors reportedly states rather plainly that the absence of religious principles will not signify a migrant will be denied entry even while the same will receive nonbelievers to the nation.

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