US L-1A Visa & Scams in Immigration

The US immigration through L1A Visa is granted to managers and executives and the rightfully involves employer for sponsoring the visa and taking care of all the formalities which are as and when required. Individuals separately cannot file for the L-1A Visa under any circumstances.

These days, there has been a huge debate and discussion on the immigration visas, especially, the L1 and H1 have been put in the scanner. Take a look at the developments which have dominated the immigration realm in the US!

L-1A Visa News, Developments

The overseas hotspot has put itself into evolution and implementation mode, and they are coming up with different line of developments in the visa policies. In the fresh line of amendments and implementation, the nation has been rapidly introducing new factors in the processing and analysis of the L-1A Visas. The concerned US authorities have turned averse to the ideas of sending employees to the nation for work.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have taken a bold stance to do away with the immigration inefficiencies. They are completely indulging into checking undue immigration which has eaten upon the indigenous opportunities.

The US immigration department has been concerned about increasing rise in the loss of the jobs for American citizens. So, they have introduced a whole new list of factors based on which the movement to the country for people from abroad can be regulated through the L-1A Visa.

The immigration department has said that executives and supervisors would be only given the chance to move provided they are having a dominant role to play in the respective organization. The immigration department has turned cautious due to a great deal of inefficiencies and frauds which have recently taken place with respect to the L-1A immigration.

In a new report filed by the USCIS, they brought the name of the company in the public domain which has used the L-1A Visa to acquire foreign resources from abroad for executive position, even though, the company was not in the position to hire executives.

These instances have closely put the L-1A Visa in strict scanner and it has been really tough for the immigrants to look forward to the visa without any difficulty.

US Concern on Indian Immigrants

This was just one part of the story, but the next part is even more challenging for the Indians who wish to move under the L-1A visa. The companies in India, which are sponsoring the executives and managers for the mother company in the US, have found it extremely tough to pay for the visas.

There have been recently decisions taken on the visa policies which have led to an exponential rise in the processing fees. The prices have increased by double folds even while this has technically put the employers on the back-foot.

In the meantime, concerning the gravity of the situation and its immediate repercussion on the Indian immigrants, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has stepped forward and brought the matter for redressal.

There has been a separate customer redressal forum which has been set to make sure that the problem is given due consideration  and  better plan can be carved out to deal with the situation. There are plans going on and as stipulated, a fair and notable conclusion would be drafted.

Help by Immigration Consultants

It is always advisable that immigrants must avail good immigration attorneys to help streamline the immigration, but one shouldn’t be tricked by fraudsters. These days, there are many fraudsters who are trying to trick the immigrants. Given this, as an immigrant, it is very much vital that you do not fall prey to their smart gimmicks.

Scams in Immigration

Guarantee of Visa: Some of the immigration services may guarantee to give you the chance to move, but as a matter of fact, one should restrain from such false gimmicks. It is much more imperative to make sure that you don’t fall prey to their gimmicks since it is completely a governmental project.

Guarantee of PR: Most immigration agents would promise you to land up with Permanent Residency (PR), but you must know that it entirely depends on the requirement of the country. Unless the job you are engaged in is able to bring social or economic benefit, you will not get the PR under any given circumstances.

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