US Family Based Green Card–Major Requirements, Time Period

In the US, on an average, there are 11 million immigrants. And, these immigrants have moved to the country from Canada, Mexico and other countries in the East. The immigrants, who have lived in the US and they have got the Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenship later on almost felt like uniting with their family.

It is a given fact that family is important to keep people motivated and refreshed. So, the US is not averse to help all those immigrants who were estranged from their family to get united again with the US Family Based Green Card Visa.

But it is basically meant only for those people who have PR and are deemed the citizens of the US. Such people can sponsor their family members to get Green Card directly and become the citizen of the immigration hotspot.

But you must keep note of one thing and that is US Family Based Green Card Visa can be granted only to direct family members and not to their relatives. Hence, you can call your wife, dependent children and parents. You cannot sponsor your relatives to get the US Family Green Card Visa.

Therefore, in case you are someone who has been separated from your family, and are now looking forward to the union, you must keep certain basic things in mind while claiming for the visa in question.

In this piece, you will get to have a grasp of everything that should be followed under the Green Card Scheme that hovers around sponsorship.

Almost everyone wants to live in the overseas hotspot owing to the dynamism and opportunities that it hurls at its citizens. However, there are very few who are chosen from some other country to take this nation as their motherland, and sponsor their relatives to live as an American.

So, if you are the chosen one, and you want to sponsor your family, keep note of certain things. In most of the cases, you can only sponsor your family to avail the Green Card Visa if you have financial stability, and you are strong enough to finance their stay and support their expenses.

The basic parameter through which the US Family Green Card Visa is granted is through a lottery. In such lottery, it is decided that whether the immigration would be asylum based, or it will be investment based.

If you have setup a company in the nation and you have citizenship, for family reunion you can sponsor your family for Green Card Based US Citizenship.

But the sponsorship is not a child’s play and you must qualify for certain basic dynamics that should be met in the first place for streamlining the immigration.

Who Can Apply for US Family Based Green Card?

It is mandatory that candidates are adults, 21 years of age or above. As mentioned above, it is compulsory that they could be either US citizens (by either naturalization or birth) or permanent residents or Green Card holders of the US.

US Family Based Green Card—Major Requirements

Take a look at the requirements that you must meet for streamlining the movement.

  • You must be a US citizen and able to provide documents that proves it.
  • You should have a qualifying family relationship with the person that you want to sponsor.
  • You should sponsor the relative with lawful petition under the sponsorship provision.
  • You must provide a documented proof that you can support the family at 125% above the poverty line.

What Will Be The Time-Frame For The Procedure?

Well, it may not be so easy to answer as how long a specific particular case will take may be somewhat difficult. Washington DC sets strict yearly restrictions on the figure of people who may move to the country on a permanent basis every year. The same is determined by the specific case class & nation of chargeability. In some particular circumstance, the waiting time in some classes is measured in years and, is over 10 years.

Summary: If you are looking forward to sponsoring your relative to the US, you must keep note of certain things that are mentioned in this piece.

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