US EB-5 Visa–Process, Requirements, Benefits

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Bond Buying Programmes and investor visas have been providing considerable leverage to the developed economies to further strengthen their economic might. As investors, often the immigrants with a heavy wallet look for stable and promising economies, and in this respect, the US occupies a sweet spot.

In the US, the favorable economic scenario, ready demand and high disposable income of the citizens ensure a lucrative Return on Investment. Now, as a matter of fact, if one is looking for investments, it is crucial to know about few of the visas which could help you invest. At the same time, you can also get Permanent Residency (PR) in those countries.

Well, the US lets people with an investment sentiment to explore new possibilities. The individuals who are eager to make an investment have to just opt for the EB-5 Visa and the rest can follow. But as an amateur, or someone who is not aware of the nuances of this visa, it is always a good bet to hire good immigration consultants who can help you deal with all the formalities.

Having a good immigration attorney, especially for the US which follows the most rigid immigration laws would help the immigrants in a dramatic manner. But first and foremost, let’s discuss a bit about the EB-5 Visa and dig out the requirements and the benefits of this visa!

What is EB-5 Visa?

Back then in the Year 1990, the Congress drafted a new visa programme which could bolster the economy and provide the much needed financial support during crisis like situation. The EB-5 Visa was specifically drafted to meet with the need. The Immigrant Investor Programme, or also known as the Regional Center Programme back then, was specifically created to boost the economy and encourage more investment and funding in diverse sector.

The visa programme was specifically targeted towards those areas in the country facing challenges in terms of employment generation and better life standards. So, the investors are able to invest in such areas and get PR in return.

Process of EB 5 Visa

The Application Process will be as follows:

  • The aspiring immigrant will have to file for the Form I-526, Petitioned by Alien Investor.
  • Once the I-526 form has been accepted, the immigrant will have to file the Form I-485 to register the Permanent Resident or Adjust the Permanent Resident as per their need.
  • After the above given forms are filled, the applicants will have to file DS-230 0r DS-260. It is the application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. Once the immigrant is able to file these specific petitions, they will be able to obtain the EB 5 Visa to get them admitted to the nation.

Those keen to move under this visa category will have to fill in the Form I-526 and this form will contain the following information.

  • New Commercial Enterprise: This part of the form will summarize that the investor has undertaken a new commercial enterprise. The commercial enterprise should be established on or before November 29, 1990. If the investor is keen to acquire an existing enterprise, the restructuring and investment should be such that a new enterprise has been created as a result of their investment.
  • The investment in an existing enterprise would be such that a 40% increase in the existing enterprise could be seen along with an exponential increase in the number of the employees.
  • The investor or the visa seeker has to make sure that they are actively involved in the business even as their business has been able to meet with all the requirements in the Targeted Employment Area (TEA).
  • Investment: Under the visa programme, the investor has to make an investment of 1 million dollars or 5, 00,000 depending on the situation. At the same time, there is also an earmarked requirement for jobs. The investor will have to create 10 full time jobs.

EB-5 Visa–Benefits

The visa lets the immigrant get instant PR to the US.

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