UK Investor Permit–Key Advantages At A Glance

The UK or Great Britain has won the trust of 100s of 1000s of immigrants from every corner of the world. Many prospective immigrants see the nation as a destination with favorable economy to easily multiply their hard-earned money.

The UK consists of four nations. It is the most attractive part of the Europe. With more than 60 million inhabitants it shares healthy bilateral relationship with many countries in the world. It has the fifth largest economy in the world and this is economy with high income. Therefore, a large number of business immigrants head towards the country.

UK Investor Permit is very popular among foreign business immigrants–all thanks to the number of key advantages associated with it.

Numerous people invest in the nation using Tier 1 Investor Category. Tier 1 Visa allows the visa holder to manage one or more than one business venture at a time. It is a point based category, and to clear it, applicants are required to score at least 75 points on the Points Grid.

Initially, a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is issued for a period of three years and four months. And once you have successfully lived and worked in the nation and fully abided by the national laws for five years, you may apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

Though the category is expensive, it has gained popularity worldwide. Introduced in 2008, initially applicants are required to make an investment of 1 million Pounds. However, in 2014 the investment amount was increased to 2 million Pounds. It is an easy passage for wealthy investors.

Key Advantages–UK Investor Permit

  1. As long as your visa is valid, you may live and work anywhere across the country.
  2. If your business is flourishing without any hassle, you may change the category or apply for the extension. However, extension will be provided if you meet the set criteria.
  3. You are entitled to acquire UK Permanent Residence (PR) once you have lived in the nation or five years. But, you may apply for PR in three years if your business annual turnover is 5 million or more, or through your business you have successfully created at least 10 new jobs for UK citizens.
  4. Applicant may bring along his family members and they are entitled to enjoy the similar rights and benefits.
  5. Once the applicant has become a UK permanent resident or citizen, he may sponsor his close family members.
  6. Primary candidate along with his family members may easily access the NHS healthcare facilities.
  7. He may travel in and out of the country any number of times.
  8. Britain recognizes dual citizenship.

Now perhaps you now the number of advantages associated with the UK Investor Permit and how your life will change if you immigrate to the UK. If you have the required amount and are keen to invest in the nation, then why delay? Contact the nearest UK immigration consultant and discuss your immigration possibilities at the earliest!

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