Time Perfect for Electronics Engineers to Immigrate to Australia, Canada

Are you a qualified Electronics Engineer with a dream to move overseas? Do you wish to leave a mark on the international map with an attractive pay cheque in hand? If your answer is affirmative, then perhaps you will be happy to know that many skilled Electronics Engineers want to immigrate to certain countries, like Australia and Canada.

Both these nations are well developed and their cities are self sufficient to provide rich livelihood opportunities to new entrants. Their strong and progressive economies provide sufficient professional opportunities to the immigrants coming from almost every corner of the world.

In the immigration hotspots, such as Australia and Canada, people with right skills, experience and language proficiency find it really easy to make a home away from home instantly. In Australia, cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne; and in Canada cities like Toronto, British Columbia (BC) requires a large number of trained Electronics Engineers to meet the growing demand across various sectors

An ideal Electronics Engineer is one who is innovative with the capability to think independently and a sharp vision to think and create new things, with an aptitude for logical reasoning, and a desire to learn on the way. Additionally he must possess good communication skills, including the ability to deliver under pressure with the demonstrated ability to work both independently and in a team.

Job Profile

They design, develop, install, adapt, test and maintain circuits and electronic components and different systems utilized for computer systems, entertainment, communication system, and linked industrial applications. They also build up and design various hardware integrated software used in a range of household appliances.

An increase in demand of these experts is the result of an ageing population. Besides, many practicing experts in these countries are either on the edge of retirement, or have been promoted to higher positions leaving the positions vacant for fresh entrants.

Key Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities undertaken by Electronics Engineers who immigrate to Australia and Canada!

  1. Appraise, select, design, test, manufacture, continue and assemble electronic equipments.
  2. Get ready diagrams and drawings and plan electronic work together with the electronic technologists.
  3. Examine and prepare reports and make an educated guess about the necessary material cost and quantity.
  4. Keep an eye on the distribution network
  5. Check the modification, installation and operation of electronic equipments and systems and test try them.
  6. Continue the standard for electronic equipments and scrutinize the failure reasons.

Education Required

They are usually required a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering or in a related subject. However, higher degree with an experience is an added advantage. You may be required to obtain a license from a state/territorial authorized body.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, you may consider Express Entry System introduced recently to manage the application under various economic programmes. If you wish to move to Australia, then you may consider the General Skilled Migration (GSP) Programme. Besides, there are many employer nomination schemes as well.

For right guidance, the aspirants would do well to consult an immigration consultant at the earliest who will give you a wise advice depending on your credentials and requirements.

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