Thinking of Immigrating to Australia? Know All about MARA!

With all the arrangements made for your big move to Australia, you are ready to take that flight to your dream destination and start a new life along with your family and loved ones. Out of the majority of people immigrating to Australia 68 percent are skilled workers and 32 percent belong to the family visa streams. Comprising of 7 out of the top 100 universities of the world, Australia has one of the best education systems of the world. So that’s why you choose Australia after all! Well, then you have more surprises in store with Australia excelling in healthcare facilities, housing, transportation and most importantly a haven for a peaceful and fine quality of living.

Immigration to Australia can sometimes have its own delays and glitches subject to incomplete documents or incorrect information. Sometimes we make mistakes as simple as applying for the wrong visa, but if you overlook these incorrect mistakes then according to us you are ready to make your new home in the Kangaroo land. One such thing you must know of is, MARA.

What is MARA?

MARA means Migration Agents Registration Authority which is an office of Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The chief role played by MARA is to regulate Australian Migration bodies and agents providing services in relation to Australian Immigration in different countries across the world. Besides this the other key functions played by MARA are:

  • To as clearly depict the rights of individuals requiring Australian immigration Visa.
  • To let registered migration agents comprehend the requirements of the region
  • To ensure that only suitable individuals are enrolled as registered agents and that ineligible candidates will not be allowed for registration or re-registration.
  • To make sure that these immigration agents possess the appropriate knowledge and skills to share timely updates and accurate advice to their clients.
  • To routinely keep a tab on the agents in order to ensure the integrity of the quality and conduct are maintained to the maximum.
  • To see as to whether clients of registered or previously registered agents are provided a suitable medium to complain and take care of the issues in a proper way.

For MARA to facilitate all its functions and policies to their best they have an extensive framework to resolve all concerns in terms of real issues and possible conflicts.

Significance of MARA

As a regulatory body, MARA is vital to your Immigration to Australia as they assure that registered Immigration agents are performing their duties in a responsible and optimal manner. Thus, keep in mind to apprehend to the MARA rules and regulations.

Any Migration agent who wants to keep on functioning for Immigration to Australia requires to sign up to a MARA registrar.


What do you understand by MARA Code of Conduct?

The above mentioned code of conduct primarily applies for approved agents of immigration. The code of conduct explains all the obligations the agents present in front of their clients, as well as to take in to account that every client is a part of a fair practice. The code of conduct provided to the immigration agents is according to the Section 314 of Migration Act 1958.


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