Sydney: Topmost International City for Global Students

In a somewhat important development–and leaving behind some of the topmost world cities, such as New York, London, & Paris behind–the Australian city of Sydney has reportedly emerged as the most well-liked city across the globe for global university students. Sydney occupies the topmost position in a global cities index. Figures reveal that the city houses roughly 50,000 global students at its many universities, and an additional 50,000 students are engaged with the various English & vocational study courses.

Meanwhile, talking about the development, a concerned person stated that–courtesy a diverse society with rather good links with the remaining areas of the world–the city benefits economically, culturally & socially. She elucidated that the community of global students makes the city’s affluence and livability better and superior even while being the globe’s most accepted place for international students assists build Sydney’s cultural diversity, and reinforces the area’s regional & international links.

She added that the international student population contributes more than $1.6 billion to the city’s economy, and creates the demand for 10,000 permanent equivalent work-opportunities. She further said that to be a competitive international city, a robust education & research sector are required. The city provides unparalleled education, professional experiences, highly developed research opportunities, an impressive economy, besides an unrivaled lifestyle. Little surprise, so many students decide to reside in the area.

She also indicated that the city understands the global students’ major contribution to its global talent hub. Sydney has wide-ranging schemes to support global student’s experiences, even as the same covers an official greeting and a devoted international student resource manual, etc., duly tailored to offer employment experience, leadership & mentoring training, and skill development. At the present, 26 members from as many as 18 nations are involved with the scheme.

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