Step-by-step Guide to Make Australia Legal Immigration

Australia Permanent Resident VisaAre you planning to make an Australia Legal Immigration, but are not sure how to proceed further? We present to you a resourceful article which will enlist the different pathways and their requirements, to help you plan your immigration to the land down under better!

Whether you want to study, live or work in the country, a Permanent Resident (PR) status will allow you the flexibility and the freedom to live your dream, without any restrictions whatsoever. Plus, you can also enjoy additional educational, healthcare, economic and social benefits, and can even submit an application for the much sought after citizenship in the future.

If all of this sounds exactly like the plan in your head, read the step-by-step guide below, to get a step closer to making immigration rather easily, minus any roadblocks!

Step 1 – Know Your Choices

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Down Under entails a point based system, based on different visa subclasses or categories. Right from making a Business Immigration to migrating to the destination through the ‘SkillSelect’ programme, you must be aware of which specific visa subclass would suit your purpose of moving to the destination the most.

Step 2 – Know the Criteria

Once you are through the selection process of the most suitable visa type/subclass/category for your migration, you should know that, as per the point based system, you would be judged amongst the application pool, on the basis of the various factors, such as age, language proficiency, work experience, skill and nomination, et cetera. Thus, get yourself started with going for an online score estimation, to know how are your current standings, as compared to other foreign migrants. The competition is high so you need to know where you really stand.

Step 3 – Know Your Chances

After you have chosen your visa subclass and obtained your points along with submitting supporting documents to the DIBP, you will have to wait until you receive an application or an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a PR in the country. Please note that your chances are higher when your points are higher. As discussed, the points are simply based on the various factors from your age to your skills and beyond, but there are additional points which are awarded to the migrants who have received a state or work nomination, or have a spouse in the country with a PR status.

So, there you have it – three easy steps to plan and execute your Australia Legal Immigration and enjoy the profitable benefits and opportunities of living permanently in the overseas hotspot!

In case you need more information and guidance on the subject, feel free to contact the professional immigration agents. They will show you the path and proffer all required support and information on the issue so that your journey becomes smooth and successful.

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