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Among the many fresh destinations of the world , for immigration purposes, the Republic of Latvia–along with the neighboring nation of Lithuania–is fast gaining popularity amongst the discerning migrants and the would-be migrants for a plethora of reasons with the charm of exploring its virginal & lucrative markets–for business & investment purposes–being just one of them.

Adding to the rapidly increasing appeal of this North European nation is the fact that it’s a major component of the Schengen area (territory). Here it needs to be mentioned that according to the much-talked about Schengen deal, migrants, duly equipped with visa for the said purpose, can move, without restraint, inside the Schengen zone.

An application for Latvia visa purpose must be duly submitted at the consulate of this UN/EU member state which is the main aim of visit. Those planning to visit many nations simultaneously with none of being the key object of visit would do well to submit their immigration applications at the consulate of this country.

Significantly, in majority of the instances, to apply for Latvia permit/visa, an individual requires an invitation. However, aberrations do exist, though not in plenty. A case in point is that businessmen and entrepreneurs from Russia–who require visiting the nation for business/commercial purposes–are entitled to accordingly apply for a permit/visa, minus an invitation, duly sanctioned by the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Latvian Immigration Changes Made Public

While we are on the subject, it would be pertinent to mention that certain changes in the Latvian Immigration Law have been made public. The fresh changes in the immigration rulings cover the fresh measures, under which multiple admission permits/visas for entrepreneurs will not be rejected anymore, when an individual has duly submitted an application for getting the status of permanent residency. Besides, the requirement for work visas/permits for seamen, on the pay-rolls of global water vessels, would be done away with.

Besides, admission to the country for those citizens of the third nations–who also happen to be the kins and family members of the citizens of the Baltic nation–will be made easier even as such people will not require a permit/ visa anymore. What’s more: there will be no longer any need for a visa invitation, in case visa is asked by a mate

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