So You Want Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia has become a hot spot immigration destination even as it is an excellent place for living and working purposes. The nation is fully loaded with lots of rewarding job opportunities, and it offers an amazingly high lifestyle to its people and those who decide to make it their home. To avail these facilities, you need to gain a valid visa which is available under the two broad categories, namely, Temporary and Permanent Visas.

A valid visa not only ensures safety, it also guarantees the personal rights of the employee’s at the workplace. A person–who is keen to move to Down Under–is advised to opt for Australian Skilled Working Visas and Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). The validity of a permanent visa is 5 years. Thereafter the holder can get the citizenship of Australia provided of course he successfully meets the requirements as laid down by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The selection of an aspirant is now done on Skill Select. The various Australian migration programs depend on the SkillSelect. It is mainly an online service and assists the concerned authorities to select talented people from across the world to meet the particular economic needs of Oz. Besides providing complete and all-inclusive information related to the many requirements of talented people, it (Skill Select) also specifies the right time to file a petition.

To grab Permanent Residency position in Australia, a candidate has to put forward an Expression of Interest (EoI) on the basis of which the Australian government will invite the aspirant to file a petition for a visa. Obtaining PR means the visa holder gets permission to live and work indefinitely in the Kangaroo Land.

Permanent Residency in Australia–Available Visa Options

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): This visa is beneficial to all those talented candidates who are assessed on the points scored by them under the points based scheme of Oz. Significantly an applicant does not need any sponsorship while applying under this permit option. Given the fact that the visa is duly designed to meet the specific skill shortage of the nation, sponsorship is not required to present an application for the visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): Australia PR can be obtained by acquiring 60 points, along with the state or territory nomination. For those aspiring migrants–who posses special skills, which are needed in the Kangaroo Land–this gateway will let them cross the borders.

Business Talent Permanent Visa (Subclass 132): It gives the freedom to the migrant to set up business in the nation. The aspirant needs an invitation from the Australian government. It is also vital that the aspirant possess personal assets worth AUD 1.5 million with a business turnover AUD 3million to apply for Permanent Residency standing in Australia under this specific visa class.

Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) Visa Subclass 188: This option is specially designed for those candidates who wish to run an existing business or start a new business in the overseas immigration hotspot. The candidates who have an invitation have a better chance of finding acceptance this visa stream.

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