Skilled Permanent Immigration–Widely Preferred Option

Immigration is a decade old movement of people from one country to another in search of better livelihood opportunities, possibly as permanent residents or future citizens of the immigrated country.

Immigration Visa Online
Immigration Visa Online

People leave their country of birth due to many reasons, such as better job opportunities, political instability, family unification, economic prosperity, natural disaster or simply the desire to change the environment or live a life in a fully developed environment.

Immigration is a two way process–first an applicant is willing to immigrate, second a foreign country is willing to accommodate immigrants. Many countries–such as Australia, Canada, and America—have been developed with the help of the migrants, and today they have the world’s largest leading economy, courtesy skilled migrants coming from round-the-world.

Skilled immigrants bring certain set of expertise with them. They are all the more valuable to enhance the economic growth of a country. Today, with the high economic growth, competition has become cut and throat, even as more and more nations are introducing attractive and easy programmes to attract skilled workers with the ability to contribute towards the national economy, and to meet the shortage of skilled professionals in various fields.

Skilled immigrants are those who have acquired training, skills, experience and knowledge in their respective field of work. They might have acquired their skills while on the job, or might have attended a professional college or technical institute. Some of the examples of professionals are: engineers, doctors, paramedics, craftsmen etc.

The plus point of skilled immigration is that many countries straightaway provide them with the status of permanent residents in their country. At present, the concept of brain drain has become popular even as people from developing or under developed countries aspire to move to the shores of developed countries.

These days, many countries encourage Skilled Permanent Immigration. Through it they aim to meet the growing demand of skilled workers in their country. If you are a skilled worker and Skilled permanent immigration motivates you, then you need not worry as many countries are eager to accommodate you. You are lucky that you are wanted in many countries; for example, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the US and the UK, to name a few.

Now let’s talk in brief about some of the options!

Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers

If you are motivated to immigrate to Down Under then the country has many pathways. Luckily, Australia is one of those many countries which treat migrants as national assets.

Some of the pathways are Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Permit (sub-category 175), General Skilled migration program (GSM), Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Permit (Sub-category 176), and if your occupation is mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), then you have already won the half race.

Canada Immigration for Skilled Workers

And if you think your skills will be most valued in the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, then you can easily immigrate using the newly introduced ‘Express Entry System’, or may also choose Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) among many other programmes, especially developed to attract the creamy layer from round the globe.

Likewise, each country has its own specific programmes that may be used by skilled workers to move overseas.

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