Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: What It Is All About?

Saskatchewan is a Prairie province of Canada. The mainstay activity of the province has been agriculture over the last century, besides oil drilling and export of potash and uranium. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has the fastest application turnaround time, which is quicker than rest of the country and classifications. It functions under the Federal agreement with the Canadian Federal Government.

The SINP works through Canadian Embassies across the globe and without help of any immigrant consultant, i.e., the SINP does not have any licensed consultants on its panel and invites the migrants to file their applications independently.

The Immigrant Nominee Program Saskatchewan enables the state authorities to nominate people qualifying according to requirements and needs of the local economy and market. There are certain criteria defined in the SINP which are considered essential by Provincial government. This program has provisions to consider the applications that do not otherwise qualify for federal immigration. The shopping list of the state government typically includes different categories that are specific to the province’s labor and economic requirements.

The procedures are transparent and elaborated for the purpose applicant’s understanding. The intake of applications is presently being done directly at the CIC Centralized Intake Office Sydney, Nova Scotia to cut down the application processing time.

After your application has been accepted, a pre-screening is done to check for completeness and ensure that described criteria are met, if the application is found incomplete in any manner, it is returned. Otherwise, it goes for data entry of documents. Thereafter, the application goes through basic review procedure to assess the relevance and the appropriateness of the documentation attached in support of the criteria qualification, as claimed by the applicant.

If the basic review is successful, a criteria evaluation, under the norms of Saskatchewan Nominee Immigrant Program, is carried out on the application by an immigration officer to verify the application on the standards of visa regime. The officer may direct for further investigation on his discretion.

Finally, application is committed for a review of recommendations by the immigration officer. It can be sent for further verification, if essential. Otherwise, it is forwarded for the approved nomination package. The Nominated Immigrant Program Saskatchewan approval is sent to the applicant along with the instructions to proceed with an application for PR to CIC.

An online copy is forwarded to the CIC central intake office and a copy accompanies permanent residence application. The CIC makes some final evaluation of eligibilities on the basis of the health, security and character. An applicant could also be asked to attach the IELTS results also.

For post approval amendments, extensions and changes in status, like employer etc., the applicant must inform the Saskatchewan Nominee Program for Immigration, in written
The SINP is a program run by the state of Saskatchewan, under the federal agreement with the Central Government of Canada. It is presumably quickest passage to the country. It has 7 streams that are needed specific. The process is deemed to be transparent and simplified for the benefit of applicants.

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  1. After getting PR under SINP, how long a applicant live in the Saskatchewan province? For the rest of their life?…

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