Roles and Responsibilities of Media for Social Immigrants

social-mediaMedia has always been responsible for making strong changes in the

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be denied that digital tools can be effectively used to fight for immigration reforms and to advocate some instrumental changes to make things easier for the social immigrants. People has been moving in various countries since past century but the last decade has seen revolutionary rise in the immigration of people and more towards the developed countries like UK, US and Canada. It is important that certain immigration reforms are pursued by the media so that the people who have immigrated get a strong setting in their new country.

Attending to the problems of social immigrants

The refugees or the social immigrants who have to forcefully leave their own country of place of living are very much vulnerable and confused. They face severe problems such as getting good jobs and education for their children and getting adjusted to the new surroundings.
eforms related to social immigrants and also put forth the problems arising due to the relocation of social immigrants. Media certainly can do a lot well if it takes this cause seriously.

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