Relocating To Australia as your Best Destination Country

canada immigrationTaking a decision to Relocating To Australia as your Best Destination Country is a wise move. The economy of this country has gone miles in achieving an unparalleled prosperity in recent years and has developed as favorite location for many migration aspirants world over. Although Australian landmass ranks 6th in world but there are only 22 million (approx) inhabitants residing mainly in major urbanized centers on eastern coast of this nation.

This southern hemisphere country is one of the most prosperous countries on planet earth and ranks 5th in terms of per capita income. The economy of Australia is 12th largest when gauged on nominal GDP and ranks 17th on terms of purchasing power parity.

Like any other developed country the most dominant sector component of Australian economy is service sector which employs majority of the work force available in the country (by way of domestic recruitment resources and overseas migrants). This sector also contributes 68% of the domestic GDP.

This country is member of many elite international organizations as G20, OECD, WTO, APEC, cupation-lists.aspx

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