Question Mark Exists Migrants’ Claims!

According to the report prepared by the federal government, while accepting or rejecting those migrants who wishing to settle down in the Canada, the Visa officers of the country don’t always recommend them o 76% of the visa application cases were discarded on the basis of credibility. Most of them got rejected under doubtfulness of the visa officer.

Immigration advocates have charged complaint against the poor judgment by the overseas visa officers and absence of liability in the process of determination.

In the year of 2010, total 24,693 refugees were approved as permanent resident in Canada among whom about 50% were private sponsored immigrants.

According to the report, it is always difficult to evaluate whether one is trustworthy, particularly while dealing with those immigrants who claim to have a disturbed background. Moreover, their communication is also affected by language culture, or gender differences.

The main reason behind the rejection of an immigration application includes implausibility. In most of the instances, due to the inconsistency in case record, lack of consistency during interview, and unavailability of detailed information about the candidate, the visa applications get rejected.

Every year, a huge number of people apply for overseas immigration, but not all of them get the approval. Though the process of immigration includes a lot of considerations, but the main reason for the rejection of most of the visa applications is implausibility.

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