Quebec Population and Geography–A Concise Synopsis

Right in the heart of Canada is placed its largest province, Quebec. It is the cradle of French civilization in North America and today is known as the ‘Mecca for culture and history’. Anyone keen to move to the province is welcome to know more about Quebec’s population and geography.

With estimated eight million-plus occupants this province is one of the most populated provinces in the ‘Maple Leaf Country’. The province is home to diverse cultures and people. However, a majority of its people are the French and thereby it is always great to know the language if one is looking to settle there.

The province has a high standard of living and welcomes all who strive for something more in their lives. While providing a safe environment and a great work culture and ethic, this province helps you balance home and work in a fascinating manner.

Blending the old world charm with the new age technologies, Quebec has two very energetic cities that are inviting immigrants from all over the world. These have a robust economy and are looking for aspirants who are willing to come here and contribute towards the province in all possible ways.

Montreal and Quebec City–through their modern amenities, maritime areas, forested vastness, exuberant creativity, constant innovations, refreshing heritage and vibrant culture–reveal new facets of Quebec every day.

Leaving no stone unturned this province–which is arguably one of the best–offers overall well- being for all its immigrants by having reasonable costs of living, accommodation, food, transportation and clothing. Although the personal taxation may seem high to few it makes a great destination for all its immigrants.

Having a capitalist economy–shored-up by mammoth natural resources and well-developed infrastructure–Quebec’s economy is the 37th world’s largest, and accounts for nearly 20.35% of the total of the nation’s GDP. Furthermore, it proffers first-rate job opportunities to skilled aliens & experts.

Covering approximately 12,000 Kilometres of borders, this region is the largest province in the nation. It shares its borders with Hudson Bay, Ontario and James Bay towards the west, Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait towards the north.

With an amalgamative topography of mountains, rift valleys, plateaus, hills and narrow rectangular tracts of land, the province also has a set of complex hydrological networks that have rivers, streams, lakes, and bogs.

On the whole, the province’s natives are cosmopolitan with a global outlook. The inhabitants are perfectly comfortable with the idea of sharing space and the spoils of growth with the immigrants from every nationality & ethnic group, thereby, making it a perfect abode for aspiring immigrants from all around the world.

Looking to diversify and create new realms in its industries and create extreme momentum in its economy, this province has a promising approach that appeals to all of its immigrants.

Concluding, Quebec’s population and geography provide great comfort and stability for all kinds of people from around the world.

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