Quebec Immigration Programmes Keep You Ahead

Canada is unarguably the best to live if you want to live your dream. And, if you ask why then from flora and fauna to dynamic environment to better living standards, you get everything streamlined to perfection when you are in this country.

Quebec immigration programmes
Quebec immigration programmes

Many people have connected with Canada for bettering their prospects and the country has also been pretty involved towards welcoming them with much fun and fervor. Hence, it wouldn’t surprise you to know that 19% of the population in the overseas hotspot comprises of immigrants. The high standards and promising life makes immigrants resonate with this country.

In order to ensure quick immigration, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–now known as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–introduced the “first-come-first-serve” immigration programme; however, it backfired leaving the economy in turmoil. The concerned authorities served all those immigrants that approached paying little or no attention to the qualities that they possess, so it ended up being the biggest fiascos in the history of the Canadian immigration.

To wipe out the mess and the wreak that this immigration process harbored, the authorities went with the newly revamped immigration system and this time the outcome was better, but the “Expression of Interest” or the “Express Entry” as it is popularly called took a toll on semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

For students and those workers, the Express Entry ended up being a challenge, but there is no end to hope and the Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP) is the respite that the immigrants wanted and it has come up with a bang.

Under it, any province can elect the right candidate whom they find eligible and those candidates are not required to fulfill the terms and conditions that the “Express Entry” programme seeks. They are just required to meet with the PNP requirements, and once that has been done, you get a green light to move to any province of your choice.

But Quebec is a different ballgame and it follows a simple set of rules that are very different from what the Maple Leaf Country seeks and follows. The Quebec immigration is not government entirely by the “Express Entry Program”; rather, the governing powers are at the hands of the provincial administration.

So, as an immigrant, if you want to move, you must understand the Quebec immigration programmes and this piece would serve your purpose in the best way.

Under these programmes, the aspiring immigrant can move to the overseas hotspot under three style of immigration: investors; entrepreneurs and self work or employed. The provision of the immigration is streamlined accordingly and the visas are bifurcated as per the need of the province.

So, the visas that can bring better economic and social benefit stands at the top of the program, 1750 visas for investors, followed by entrepreneurs at 150 and self worked employed would get another 50 application and for the permanent worker category, the province may itself decide how many workers they require and accordingly they can plan the number of workers that would be given the chance to immigrate.

For the Quebec Investor Immigration Programme it is mandated that you must have a net asset of C$ 3, 00,000 and the income is legal. At the same time, it is also required that you have two years of experience preceding the date from the application.

If you are taking after a running business, in that case, in all probabilities there is a greater chance that you can make a difference. So, the visa chances are also blooming with the possibilities and greater immigration scenario has been developing with the immigration visa under the investment category.

The investor programme is also one of the most sought after alternatives that you can look up to and you must have a net worth of C$ 1, 60,000 to make sure that you are able to make it perform in the best of its level. At the same time, it is also required that you have the best of the experience to make things happen in the best way.

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