Prospects Of The EB 5 Visa

PROSPECTS-OF-THE-EB-5-VISAThere is no short cut to hard word. One of the economically strong country as the United States of America which flaunts prosperous market and backed by a similarly efficient customer base, unfortunately things is not that rosy as it seems. Unlikely as there are several areas which produce low output.

Keeping this in mind the United States of America in the year 1990 have introduced EB5 Investment Visa .This viva welcomes the foreign investors to bring their investments to business ventures in the US. Strictly speaking there is no dearth of the profitable investment schemes in the developed country.

Avoid hiding behind the bushes one must seek the counsel of an immigration Advisor who specializes in this area. With the help of the EB-5 Specialist Consultant who is not attached to any RC has the answer to all your queries. Investing is a serious issue and it rejects to take a back seat. A Detailed Comprehensive study is of all existing probable project is the indispensable part of the investor which must correlate to the credentials of them and in return benefit the both parties the foreign investor as well as the US economy.

Having said this lets elucidate on the EB 5 VISA which happily allows the overseas investors, entrepreneurs and their qualifying family members to immigrate to the magnificent United States. Further being an Immigrant Visa, it empowers the investor and his family US Citizenship. The program successfully returns the investors for the investment risk taken by them by vesting the investors who qualify all the requirements, their partners, and their minor children the Green Cards the Permanent Resident Status.

After receiving the initial approval, the government grants the Conditional Permanent Residency which extends to two years stay for the investor and his family. At the expiry of the term the investor demonstrates that he has met all the prerequisite requirements and finally he can apply for the removal of the conditions placed earlier.

There are plenty of advantages attached with the EB 5 VISA:

First and foremost, after obtaining this visa does not require a Labor Certification Process, which is all together a

difficult procedure.

There is no requirement of the extraordinary ability in business world.

It also negates the requirement of the prior business experience, and there is no minimum level requirement in

English language at the Green Card stage.

An important issue which is highlighted is that the investor must have the required investment capital and that the funds has been gained through legal means.

Going by the legality of the terms and conditions the entrepreneur must invest Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars (US$500,000.00) in the designated areas in the United States which is called as “Targeted Employment Areas” or One Million US Dollars (US$1,000,000.00) anywhere in the United States. Also regardless of the size of the investment or project, the investor should create full-time employment for at least Ten (10) US workers and help in the economic growth of the country as a whole.

It’s the imperative for the investor to have a through knowledge of the investment prospects in the country wherein he will invest and grow.

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