Presenting Welcome Canada Express Entry News for You

Are you a would-be migrant to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, and wish to know about the latest Canadian immigration program that becomes officially available from January 1, the next year? Here, we are talking about–well you guessed it right–Express Entry.

For all those who are cooling their heels and looking forward to the Canada’s Express Entry the great news is that the program will come into force from January 1, 2015. The program–duly introduced on the model of the Australian SkillSelect–will completely change, or so it is claimed, the basic fundamentals of how the permanent residents for the Maple Leaf Country are eventually selected.

If certain news reports are to be believed–regarding the Canada Express Entry–initially, an investment of $14 million is to be made over the next two years, and at the later stage. To ensure the success of the program an investment of $4.7 million per year will be made.

According to the latest reports, the present Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) minister is of the view that the nation’s government is reforming its economic immigration system to make it much faster, easier and flexible, and ensure that the country’s specific labor market needs are successfully met.

The newly launched Express Entry will successfully connect the applicants–eager to immigrate to Canada and claim permanent residence–with Canadian employers who fail to find skilled residents for the job at hand. Ottawa is fervently working with its various provincial and territorial partners, as well as Canadian employers, to confirm that the January’s launch of the Express Entry proves a huge success.

With the launch of the program, applicants will be able to submit an application to express their interest in coming to the nation as a Permanent Resident (PR) by simply answering a series of questions about their education, age, professional skills, languages efficiency, etc.

Accordingly, the system will match the skills of the applicants with the labor requirement identified by the provinces, territories, and Canadian employers. Once a suitable match is found, the visa and immigration authorities would offer Express Entry to the applicants who have applied through:

  •  Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Business Class Program

Who Can Apply?

Under Express Entry, applicants from all sectors are welcome. Unlike other programs, the Express Entry is free of any occupation list even as everyone is welcome to submit a petition. An applicant can present his credentials regardless of the profession he could be involved with. Additionally, the scheme is also cap free, and unlike other federal programs, the scheme in question will accept as many applications as possible. The closing date of the program is yet to be announced.

Benefits of Express entry

Now let’s take a quick look at the benefits!

  • Emphasis will be on quality instead of quantity.
  • Applicants will be entertained as per their credentials instead of on the first-come-first- serve-basis.
  • Maximum processing time will be just six months. Yes, it is true!
  • Program is 100% cap free. As many petitions as possible will be duly accepted.
  • Program will not follow any specific occupation list whatsoever.
  • Straightaway applicants will be granted the country’s much prized and much sought after Permanent Residence status.

The much awaited program aims to make immigration to the nation rather smoother, faster and efficient that results in satisfying both the Canadian employers and the applicants. It is claimed that the program will make the ‘Land of Opportunity’ an even more valuable immigration destination for the skilled workers who are looking for an opportunity overseas.

The program will not discriminate on any basis and everyone with big dreams can submit an application and immigrate to their dream destination easily.

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