Planning Immigration to Australia from India? Take a pick from these Top Cities!


At last your wait is over! With the arrival of your much-awaited PR Visa. It took some time but now your Australian PR Visa is here! And hence the planning starts, as to which city is best suited for settlement for you and your family. You must have been flipping through several Australian cities, which are hubs for economic growth along with a tranquil environment and a well-knit community life. So, here we are to help you to make this transition smoother and hassle free for you and your family. After all your Immigration to Australia from India is a big move for you, as you’re not moving cities or states but countries and continents after all.

If you are planning to go with family we have segregated five categories based upon which you can decide upon which Australian city to take a pick from while relocating there.

While choosing an Australian City to settle along with your family, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Housing – Look out for reasonable rates for housing
  2. The system of education – The quality of education and the subjects offered via them.
  3. Security – The parameter of safety can be determined by looking at the evidence of crime and perception of security.
  4. Whether or not it is Affordable – Comparing salaries as well as assessing the cost of living
  5. Levels of Pollution – One thing to be checked is the level of air, noise and light pollution. Depending upon lower emission rates, a city should be decided upon.
  6. Travel & Transport – The kind of transport based on the road congestion and public transport.
  7. Healthcare as well as Maternity and Paternity Law – Keep on check the availability of Paid maternity leave, fully paid parental leave. Also look at the percentage of GDP spent on healthcare as well as population percentage that comes under private or public health insurance.

Based upon evaluating the abovementioned factors we have shortlisted the best Australian cities for you to reside along with your family:

  1. Sydney


When it comes to Kid friendly airports’, ‘Professionals’, ‘Green Spaces’ and ‘Activities for kids’. Sydney is one of the highest scorers, making it the most family friendly Australian cities. The fact that the city scored well on terms of its Greenery and kid activities is surely to be a bearer of good news for parents, as children can be busy with play activities while parents can go to work, along with having good health due to being surrounded by the bounties gifts of nature.


  1. Melbourne

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne is yet another city suitable for Immigration to Australia from India as scored the best in terms of ‘Professionals’ and second best in ‘Parents’ category. This means that as per parenting experts, family journalists, and parents Melbourne is an ideal city if you looking to relocate to Australia. Also, they have an amazing collection of ‘Activities for Kids’ providing a good source of entertainment for your children.


  1. Brisbane

If you are looking to immigrate to Australia along with your family, Brisbane should not be missed on your radar. One of the factors that Brisbane scored impressively on was its ‘Pollution levels’ meaning lesser emission, healthier air and a better quality of life for your family.

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