Permanent Residence Visa to New Zealand

When we talk about New Zealand the terms resident visa, permanent visa and citizenship all have different meanings. Initially an immigrant gets a resident visa for 2 years and then after these 2 years he or she may apply for permanent resident visa. A person may need permanent resident visa for many different purposes like work or family. As the resident visa or permanent visas are not equal to citizenship people may get confused. A question keeps on arising in their minds that how long can a person stay in New Zealand with Family with Permanent Residence Visa?


In non-temporary resident visa to New Zealand the term permanent at times stick to its meaning and at times it doesn’t. It depends on various aspects related to applicant and immigration policies like, how frequently he/she needs to move out from New Zealand, for what duration person needs to stay out of the country, etc.


In order to be qualified for a permanent resident visa the applicant needs to fulfil certain requirements like: –

  • He/she must hold a resident visa, either at the time of application or in the last three months
  • applicant must hold, or have held, that resident visa for no less than two years constantly
  • He/she must meet any conditions that your resident visa was subjected to.
  • He/she should have met one of five commitments (spent enough time in the country or made an investment or established a
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