Overseas Caregivers Hunting for Canada PR Battle Lengthy Wait Periods

According to a report, overseas Live-in Caregivers in the Maple Leaf Country are facing longer waiting periods for gaining the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status of the nation. Though it is fact that Ottawa had promised to accelerate the processing of the PR petitions for these experts, the fact remains that still there is not any relief for these professionals.

According to the official details, till January 2015, the present processing times for petitions for PR by foreign Caregivers is monstrous 50 months. Hence, it is apparent that the build-up for the PR petitions by overseas Caregivers is fairly huge. Nearly 17,600 Caregivers from abroad are reportedly cooling their heels to get PR status at this time.

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Extensive wait for PR holding up families ‘reunification

Allegedly, reunification of families is getting held up, thanks to the augmented build-ups of the petitions presented for PR by overseas Caregivers. The same may also be inviting family breakups also, besides certain other problems, such as trouble in adjustments for the kids of these professionals.

Canada introduces two fresh Caregivers Scheme

The Maple Leaf Country launched two fresh immigration plans for Caregivers from abroad in the month of November in 2014. The same was for substituting the previous Live-in Caregiver Scheme.

Sharing particulars about the latest immigration plan for overseas Caregivers, the official spokesperson of the current immigration minister of Canada reportedly proclaimed that the latest plan is duly intended to enable swifter, improved and safer career breaks for these professionals across the nation.

Summary: Overseas Live-in Caregivers in Canada are being subjected to longer waiting periods for obtaining the cherished Permanent Residency position in the nation. Though it is fact that Ottawa had vowed to expedite the processing of the PR petitions for these Caregivers, the fact remains that still, there is not any reprieve for these specialists.

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