Ottawa Intends to Draw More Migrants Next Year

According to a report, Canada is quite keen to welcome a large number of expats, to reside in the nation during 2014, as a component of amotivated immigration plan, to fuel the nation’s economic development. Overseas trained manpower is much in demand in the nation to fill many job-openings in the national labour market.The nation’s regime reportedlyintends to employ two primary plans to draw migrant professionals to its territories, even as it wishes to expand the third one.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

It is arguably the most acceptedpath for migrants. The target is to roll-out red-carpet welcome to as many as 15,000 permanent residents during the next year through the plan. Via the CEC–expats who cater to bare a minimum language condition & possess not less than 12 months of trained employment experience in the nation–may gain the prized permanent residence status. The same cover global student graduates,besides overseas nationals who are doing a job in the Maple Leaf Country lawfully temporarily.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

This plan is the country’s second biggest immigration path even as it has played a key role in spreadingthe incoming expats throughout the hugenation–not just the key Canadian cities of Montreal, Vancouver, &Toronto. The program has developed impressively from close-to 1,250 visitors during 2000 to near about 41,000 persons during 2012.

Meanwhile, the nation’s incumbent citizenship and immigration minister has reportedly stated that securing economic growth is and will remain the government’s priority number one. Canada is pitched against world powers to draw the best possible talents even as the scheme fashioned to draw the migrants the nation requires to do well on the global map. Chris Alexander, the minister, added that the movement to catch the attention ofthe world talent will carry-on into 2015.

Start-up Permit Program

Reportedly, Ottawa is also expanding its latest Start-up Permit to magnetizeoverseas entrepreneurs who may establish their own firm in the nation,or make an investment in regional start-ups. The scheme meant for the permit is programmed to

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