Opportunities And Benefits Of Staying In Lithuania

Ship-building, metal-working, scientific instruments, food processing  are some of the industries which are well developed in this nation.

Lithuania Citizenship Benefits

Several benefits greet that Lithuanian citizenship and passport holders, such as:

  1. These people are allowed for Visa Free travel inside the countries that are EU and  Schengen zone members.
  2. They do not have to obtain a visa to travel to some specific countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the US, etc.
  3. They  are  allowed  to  stay,  gain  employment,  study,  do  business,  make  fruitful  investment,  and even purchase property in any country that come under Schengen zone and/EU.
  4. These people possess the authority to give/stand in vote. In addition, they are permitted to serve Lithuania by joining the national police force/Army.
  5. They possess the right to get the Lithuanian identity card.

Lithuanian Residence Visa Advantages

An aspirant can gain the prized and the much sought after Lithuanian Permanent Residence Permit (PRP), post  5  years  of  nonstop  stay  in  the  beautiful  Baltic  country,  and  successfully  cracking  the  language examination for the nation. The same usually lays stress on the everyday life used words andsentences even as it is rather restricted in scope.

The proud Lithuanian Temporary Resident Permit (TRV) holders, in the wake of obtaining Permanent Residence Permit (PRV), would be qualified to get these major advantages:

Lithuanian Temporary Residence Visa Advantages

In case a foreigner fulfills the necessary conditions, he gets a Temporary Residence Permit to reside in the country. The visa has a validity period of one year. Afterwards, the validity of the visa could be extended for an additional year. And post five years of continuous stay in the country, the candidate can successfully hunt for Permanent Residence Permit which comes with a validity of 5 years.

  • The visa holders get the right to enter, minus a visa, and take a trip freely in every Schengen State, minus any time restriction put on their stay.
  • It  becomes  rather  easier  for  the  holders  to  get  visas  to  the  top  immigration  destinations  of Australia, the UK, Canada, andthe US.
  • They get the right to get professionally involved in the Baltic country.
  • They gain the right to become the proprietors of a firm in Lithuania.
  • They  are  proffered  the  right  to  buy  and  register  a  means  of  transportation  in  the  EU,  with  its additional use, and the same covers outside the EU.
  • They get the right to acquire realty in the country.
  • The holders gain the same social benefits that the nation’s citizens have, barring the power to vote in the polls

Lithuania – Your Gateway to Europe

  1. The Basics
  2. Opportunities
  3. Obtaining a Visa

The Basics

Located picturesquely and advantageously on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, the Republic of Lithuania is  the  southernmost  of  the  three  Baltic  States.  It  also  happens  to  be  the  biggest and  the  most  densely inhabited of these three states.

Courtesy its remarkable geographical location, and the truth that it’s  an astonishing gateway to Europe, the amazingly beautiful nation is rapidly emerging as a top immigration destination throughout the globe. With enormous and priceless resources spread across the length and breadth of the nation, the probable business immigrants to the country could be greeted with an unexplored goldmine.

It was the first occupied Soviet republic to cut its ties from the latter, only to re -establish its independence and autonomy, through the announcement of independence way back on March 11, 1990. Post breaking away  from  the  former  USSR,  the  country  has  seen  a  constant  progress  and  all  round  growth.  From  a plethora  of  well-paying  employment  options  to  augmented  trades,  the  immigration  hotspot  is experiencing a flood of unmatched growth.

To  become  an  important  part  of  this  country  is  not  a  very  difficult  job;  in  fact,  it’s  a  stress-free  and enjoyable  voyage  for  the  new  aliens.  In  general,  the  nation’s  inhabitants  are  educated;  they  have  a remarkable cultural and religious background even while they have a rather open-minded policy and outlook towards  all.  The  Lithuanian  establishment  in  power  is  unbiased  and  the  multi-party,  parliamentary democracy offers every real possibility to everyone—whether one is a native or an immigrant.

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