Obtaining Armenia Temporary Residence Visa Not Very Difficult

Armenia is a rather small country located in west Asia. Still, it is full of opportunities, peaceful environment, modern amenities, well developed infrastructure and a strong economy which is growing at a consistent rate.

Its citizens are warm and welcoming. Even if you are visiting the country for short duration, you will never forget their hospitality. Low crime rate and minimum pollution is the nation’s another plus point. You will regret visiting the country which is surrounded by beautiful mountains in no way. The country is multi-cultural and its citizens cherish its rich and vibrant background.

Like many developed countries, Armenia has also given freedom to the citizens of certain countries to visit the country for a short duration (180 days in one year) without acquiring a visa. Lucky are the citizens of the European Union (EU) and countries that fall under the realms of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) and the natives of former USSR countries.

If you wish to visit the country for a short duration let’s have a look on Armenia Temporary Residence Visa! For your temporary visit, you may simply apply for this visa which is valid for short duration with the possibility of further extension. Initially, the visa is issued for one year which can be easily extended on request.

Remember: Armenia is an immigrant-friendly country; it encourages potential candidates to live and work in the country. Moving to the beautiful west Asian country is hassle-free and people from all walks of life are welcome in the country.

Temporary visa can easily be obtained using various pathways with the most important pathway being through investment. Like many other countries, Armenia does not have difficult terms and conditions for investors.

The country welcomes all even if you have couple of dollars to invest in, the Armenian government will welcome you with wide arms.

The visa processing is simple and transparent the candidate does not really have to go through lengthy and tiring visa processing. On the contrary the candidates find moving to Armenia is the easiest task with nominal visa processing fee. Irrespective of the visa category, the Armenian Government makes sure the candidate does not have to run pillar to post to get their visa application submitted.

If you wish to acquire the temporary residence visa, then in the beginning the visa will be issued for only one year that can extended further, if required. You can easily move to the country under various streams, such as to study, as a skilled worker, a philanthropist, or as an entrepreneur. Available options under the stream are many that you can easily choose from.

If you are a skilled worker and wish to move to the country on a temporary basis then you will be happy to know that like many other countries you do not have to clear any point based system. Potential candidates, without being subjected to a tough selection process, are granted Temporary Residence Visa for one year.

The country best suites the needs of those who want to enjoy the maximum benefits and do not want to get through the complicated and lengthy immigration process with no guarantee of getting a visa.

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