New Zealand Skilled Migrant Class: An Overview

Are you skilled and interested to shift to New Zealand–the Land of Endless Opportunities, for work & residence purposes? If YES, you will be happy to know that for the talented individuals like you the nation runs and manages Skilled Migrant Category (SMC). This category provides the candidates like you the golden chance to immigrate to the nation, get employed their fruitfully, make contributions to the nation, and reside there on a permanent basis.
1. Prerequisites
To file a petition, via the Skilled Migrant Class, you ought to fulfill the concerned organization’s visa and immigration conditions for the specific class. You should be between 20-55 years. You also have to cater to the preset standards of health, character, and English language proficiency; prior to you begin the course of action.
2. Expression of Interest (EOI)
This is the 1st step towards presenting a submission. In case you make the grade, you may duly present an (EOI), in which you lay claims for points for abilities, experience, besides certain other issues.
3. EOI pool, pool draw
In a situation wherein you have laid claims on 100 points or above on your EOI, it becomes a part of the Pool. Every two weeks, every EOI, with more than 140 points, are routinely picked-up for an invite to submit an application. Post the same, lower scoring EOIs with certain factors–like qualified employment in the country–are duly chosen.
4. Invite to
will provide you with the much sought after Resident Permit. In a situation wherein the organization believes that you have what it takes to settle in the country–but wish to discover how you ultimately do it–it will offer you a work to residence permit.
You may utilize the same to gain an offer of trained job in the country, for a maximum of 9 months. In case you gain skilled work opportunity during this period of time, you will have exhibited your capacity to settle and make contribution, even while your residence petition will make the cut.
Point to note: An SMC Work to Residence Permit is just an excellent chance to seek qualified job in the nation. It does not assure at all, in any manner, either of these–work, offer of employment, & offer of residence at your dream destination.

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