All about New Zealand’s Essential Skills in Demand Lists

The Essential Skills in Demand Lists of New Zealand include or the CSSL and the Immediate Skill Shortage List or the ISSL.

To provide instructions for both the Temporary Work Visa and the Residence Visa, the Long Term Skill Shortage List is used. If any individual comes to New Zealand, for the purpose of work, on the basis of meeting the requirements for the LTSSL, that person may qualify for residence, via the Skilled Migration, or the Work to Residence Category.

However, the Immediate Skill Shortage List or the ISSL is used for short-term work requirements. If any individual migrates to the country with employment purpose, after meeting the criteria for the ISSL, he will not get any direct way to apply for residence.

If any person meets the requirements mentioned on the list, and in the instructions of immigration, the New Zealand government will accept it.

However, the Canterbury Skill Shortage list is used for the Temporary Work Visas under the instructions of Essential Skills or Work to Residence categories. The Canterbury Skill Shortage list has included occupations required for the rebuilding of the Canterbury due to recent earthquakes.

A recent report from a reliable source has revealed that the New Zealand Labour Department has reviewed its Essential Skills in Demand Lists, including the Long Term Skill Shortage List, the Immediate Skills Shortage List, and the Canterbury Skill Shortage

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