New Zealand Business Visa Category

For those who wish to immigrate to New Zealand and conduct their business, there is the New Zealand Long Term Business Visa. Under this New Zealand Business Visa category, an applicant is entitles to line and run business in New Zealand on a temporary basis. Initially the visa gives the applicant a permit of 9 months to reside and establish business in the country. This can further be extended for up to three years. However, this extension must be applied to within the validity of the permit.


Those who hold the New Zealand Long Term Business Visa can apply for a permanent residency status as well under two categories, which are: Entrepreneur Visa Category and Entrepreneur Plus Visa Category. For the Entrepreneur Visa Category the applicant’s established business must be beneficial to the economy of the country, it should also complete the requirements related to health and character and most necessarily be proficient in English language.


For the Entrepreneur Plus Visa Category the applicant must be the proprietor of a well-established successful business with a minimum investment of NZ

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