National Asylum Structure Burdened, Claims British MPs

In a somewhat remarkable development, a committee of British parliamentarians has reportedly issued a warning that the nation’s asylum structure is not only overloaded but also under relentless pressure. The concerned body–Home Affairs Committee–examines the work of the Home Office even as the latter hires immigration workers in the country.

It has alleged that the system is plagued with deplorable delays. The MPs claim that some persons have cooled their heels for more than 16 years for a decision in their specific cases. And this is completely unacceptable that a person ought to have waited for more than six months for a first decision.

The said committee made public a report during the month of October in 2011 even as it covers the working of the refuge arrangement for 2013-14. The report alleges that decisions take very long which leaves the involved persons in an indeterminate state with the reason being the refuge seekers in Britain are denied the permission to do a job while they cool their heels for a decision.

Professionals lose skills due to inactivity

The committee has also claimed that several professionals have lost their expertise as they were denied the right to a do a job for as many as 8 years. Meanwhile, the committee chairman has declared that a promise by the UK Immigration to get rid of a backlog of the refuge petitions by 2011 has not been honored. He added that, at the present, the build-up includes 32,600 cases.

Allegedly, some fresh aspirants are also in the grip of delays–and out of or a much longer time for an initial decision, as compared to men. Allegedly, 49% of women cooled their heels for two years for a decision while just 22% of men cooled their heels that long.

Besides, women may be particularly badly influenced by the impediments in the determination of their spouses’ visa- petitions. In the cases wherein the petitions of men–who mistreat their spouses are held up–the wives stay put stuck in violent weddings unable to leave their husbands with the reason being they were the main candidates & the women would have lacked position or support without help.

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