Migrate to Canada Using Express Entry Programme

Ottawa have been making numerous changes in the immigration process from time to time in an effort to lure migrants to the country. In this attempt of pulling migrants from across the globe Express Entry was introduced in January 2015. It offers a promising and secured future to the successful applicants. This is one of the most liberal immigration programmes ever started by the Federal Government to attract the talented people in the nation.

Migrate to Canada through the Express Entry Programme. It is backed with soft immigration rules and some of its features are:

  • An applicant need not possess any specific skill. He applies on the basis of his educational qualifications, age and employment experience.
  • There is no last date for submitting an application unlike other schemes. A person can apply whenever he wishes to.
  • The scheme is fully backed with the Canadian PointsSystem, whereupon his application is judged upon his age, education, employment experience, and his ability to sustain his living in the country.
  • The applicant, who is selected, is asked to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) of the nation.

How Express Entry Works?

Express Entry Canada 1When an applicant applies for immigration,his application is put in a pool from where upon he is cherry-picked by the Federal, Provincial Governments and not to mention the Canadian employers. Based upon the details submitted by him, he is given certain points. It’s all points’ game. The candidate scoring more points is surely going to get picked by the governing authorities.

Points are assigned as follows under Canada Express Entry:

  1. Age–The nation is always in search of young migrants. The applicant in age group 25 -30 is the top scorer under this category. He gets 25 points if he falls under this age bracket. The applicant gets points for spouse age as well, thus increasing his score and ultimately his chances of immigration.
  2. Educational qualifications–As the Express Entry Programme is for inviting the creamy layer to the nation, more emphasis is paid on the educational qualifications. The candidate who possessesa Master’s Degree or above is surely the top scorer, as compared to applicant who just possesses a certificate or diploma.
  3. Employment Experience–The offer of Express Entry is promising for the experienced class. The candidate’s managerial skills help him successfully land in the nation through this track. The candidate with 5 years of work experience gets the highest 10 points for his experience under this category.
  4. Language Skills–To help the migrants successfully establish his roots in the Canada, it is expected that he should be well versed in either English or French or both. His language skills, no wonder, elevatehis chances of migration.
  5. Ability to sustain–Though all necessary help is provided to the wishful migrants, to happily settle in the country, but it is expected that he should be in a position to sustain his living for a period of at least 6 months in the country.

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