Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa–What Document Are Required?

Europe has a lot to reclaim and immigrants have been completely taken by storm seeing the advantages, possibilities and livelihood in this region. There has also been better work culture and education which have tempted the immigrants to think for the movement.

But not all regions in Europe are very open to the immigration pursuits. Some of the countries in the European Continent have been pretty much opposed to the immigration. However, there are also some who have been entertaining the immigration, and it acts like a game changer for them.

For small nations, they are always looking for the best skilled workers and Lithuania is one such place which has been yearning for the skilled workers and enthusiastic investors to help make a difference.

Immigration Record of Lithuania

It went to an unprecedented level after the independence, but the emigration has substantially decreased over the period of time. The trend in the immigration has been pretty dominant with roughly over 5553 new applications coming in line in the year 2004 which has skyrocketed to 8609 in the year 2007.

This has been substantially due to an overall increase in the demand of skilled workers and vibrant investors. There have also been other promising scenarios developing in different sectors in the country which have given a major push to the immigration pursuits.

Why the Trend has surfaced in Lithuania?

Equal Measure Treatment

As an immigrant, one is always apprehensive about the new regions where they are headed. In the first place, they want to know about the participation and it is the best at Lithuania. The equality in the Labor Code, the Law on Public Services, the Penal Code and Code of Administration has been all promisingly attractive for the immigrants. These aspects have been helping the immigrants to make a decisive turn towards this place.

Media Coverage of Immigration

There are regular public pooling conducted in Lithuania to identify the attitude of the people towards the immigrants, and in meeting with this pursuit, the authorities back there conduct a lot of experiments to objectify and identify the best possible solutions to the problems which are being faced by the immigrants. Such deep investigation and analysis have helped the country to come up with the best ideas towards improving the immigrants.

There were also relatively public opinions which have completely demonstrated that the immigrants have been shown some unwelcome note in the skilled work sectors. However, the possibilities have improved gradually and Lithuania has emerged as a top class destination for the immigrants.

Ways to Immigrate to Lithuania

Now, if one is wondering about the ways which can help make the immigration to pitch in, the Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa could be the best choice for streamlining the immigration. Take a look at the ways it has helped the immigrants to head forth to this country!

Under the Temporary Residence Permit, there is a specific provision granted which allows the immigrant to live in this country for a specific period of time. So, an individual applies for this immigration visa, they must clearly define their permanent address. Under the residence permit, it is of utmost importance to declare the time of leaving when the residence permit is about to expire.

Under the Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa, the individuals who are not from the European Union (EU) can only apply for this visa. The maximum time limit under the temporary residence permit is one year. But, this rule may vary for those individuals who are descendents of Lithuania and have been living abroad, and those who have been given the right of the citizenship of Lithuania. For such individuals the immigration process may extend up to 5 years time.

Documents Required for the Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa

  • An application letter for the immigration visa.
  • A valid travel document commonly known as a passport.
  • A valid Schengen Visa or National Visa, unless there is a visa free regime.
  • One recent photograph (40*60 mm)
  • There should be documents for issuance and replacement of the Temporary Residence Visa.
  • There should be documents summarizing that the alien has been admitted to doctoral studies under a study curriculum.
  • A letter of mediation.
  • Parent’s letter of consent for the study in Lithuania.
  • A document of funds which summarizes the ability to finance during the stay.
  • A document which confirms that the person has health insurance.
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