Lithuania Immigration: An Overview

lithuania Immigration
lithuania Immigration

Lithuania is ranked among the fastest growing economies in the European Union (EU). During 2003–prior to becoming a member of the EU–the nation boasted of the most impressive economic rate of development among every candidate & member nations. It is officially known as the Republic of Lithuania. This Northern European country it is the largest Baltic State amongst the three Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The estimated population of this country is 3 millions. The people of this

country are very hard working and are considered to be the assets of the nation. Earlier under the control of the USSR, Lithuania is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Why to go to Lithuania?

Now-a-days, Lithuania immigration has gained popularity among people of different countries, like India, United Kingdom (UK), and Russia. The reason is very simple, the cost of living in the country is reasonable, as compared to other European countries.

It provides a fast way of commuting to the other EU countries. The residents are totally free to move to any EU country after the decided set period of time as per their Visa. It also provides the non-citizens a chance to explore the

Schengen countries and let them file a petition for permanent residency (PR) in the future.

The best way of immigrating to the nature-blessed Baltic nation is through the business route. Those who wish

to open a firm in the country can hope to

get a favorable treatment from the immigration body of the nation. They can hope to easily get a special permit called ‘Business Immigration Visa’.

How to go to Lithuania?

The Baltic nation acts as a perfect opportunity for the non-citizens, who plan to stay, reside permanently or work there. The immigration cost of this country is way too easy and requires less money. It comes as a blessing in disguise for non-citizens who are looking to invest in European countries. This country marks intensive opportunities for foreigners or non-citizens who are in a hope of starting a new business in Lithuania.

How to apply for Lithuanian Visa?

The process of Lithuania immigration starts with filling particular forms, like provisional residence permission form. This form enables a non-citizen to live in the country on a basis of one year, or according to the term specified on your visa.

A visa-free entry is granted to people of 78 states. A person applying for Lithuanian Permit should be very fluent in English with an all-rounder academic record and a set pattern of qualifications. The Baltic nation is a very popular country in terms of real estate business and education.

Primarily, two types of Visa are issued to non-citizens in the Republic of Lithuania:

Schengen A: It is a visa issued for the entry. It is the famous airport transit visa which allows a citizen to cross the international airport of Schengen countries.

Schengen C: It is a short stay visa. It allows a non-citizen to stay in any Schengen country for a maximum period of 6 months.

Other types are:

  1. Airport transit visa (A)
  2. Transit Visa (B)
  3. Short Stay Visa (C)
  4. Long Stay Visa (D)

Lithuania Visa Advisors

The aspirant can hire an experienced immigration consultant who can help him during the immigration process. The immigration consultants usually have good domain knowledge about the culture, accommodation, and much more importantly, the visa & immigration schemes of the country. The candidates can ask the immigration consultant about everything they wish to know about the foreign destination. These advisors will share necessary detail with them so that they can be better prepared to move to the beautiful Baltic country.

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