Learn How to Get Australia PR Visa!

Australia Immigration ServicesInterested in applying for Australian PR Visa? Well, you are not certainly alone. There are 1000s of people belonging to different countries that want to immigrate to Australia and are keenly interested in applying for PR visa.

We must offer our congratulations to you, as you have not only selected the right destination for your future but it is certainly the best destination as well.

We assure you that here we will try our best to contribute the most up-to-date information related to the Australian PR Visa. As an applicant, you can completely rest assured regarding the quality and the authenticity of the visa related information that we are sharing with you on this page. Most of the information that you see on this page is selected from the right resources and it’s the latest.

Hence, let’s start with the clear explanation about the Pr Visa. What exactly this visa is and how you can improve your chances in the acceptance of your visa application!

The PR Visa, or the commonly known as the visa for Permanent Residency, allows the visa holder (the one who successfully got it) to live and stay in Down Under for the infinite period of time. That means as the PR Visa holder one can stay in the nation forever, or of the time the visa holder prefers.

As the PR Visa Holder, there will be no further need to request the concerned visa authorities to regard your extension. Moreover, no questions will be asked regarding your overstay in Oz.

In older days, applying for an Australian Visa and getting it, especially the PR visa was not that easy. Then, the visa policies of the Kangaroo Land were quite strict. They are still but now-a-days they can be regarded as visa friendly policies. The entire procedure—right from applying for the PR visa to accruing the PR Visa for Australia is a lot easier now, and lot better if we compare it with the earlier times.

As an Australian Visa aficionado, you must have either experienced the ever-increasing inclination in many immigrants especially towards Australia, or you might had read it somewhere that the attraction of immigrants towards the country is increasing day-by-day, and above all the most amazing fact that we are about to share with you is that the largest chunk from the PR application is from India.

Now that we have discussed the increasing trend, let us try and comprehend it!

So what are the main factors that are causing this sudden rush, especially towards Australia? Why the majority of immigrants are being attracted towards this overseas hotspot? Well, here are some reasons!

The current economy- very stable and offering various opportunities, the educational facilities that are rated as one of the best, and the best Healthcare facilities.

Now let’s discuss how to get the Australia PR Visa, or at least improve its chances!

The Age Factor

You PR Visa application will only be considered if your current age is under the acceptable age limits.

For different visa the age limit varies. Therefore, consult with immigration consultant or the Government website of Australia.

Language Ability

As an applicant, if you are applying for PR Visa for Australia, your application will not get attention if you are not good with the official language spoken in the nation and that is English. As a candidate, it is really very vital for you that you should be good with the language.

They will gauge you on written as well as spoken skills. For this, you will be required to go through the certain test. This test will determine your language ability and also the further consideration of your application.

Note the language test is the must for PR, and also the Education Visa.

Health Records

You will be required to go through certain medical test. This is to test your current medical condition and to check if you are going through any medical condition that might be considered as threatening and also which can affect others.

Criminal Record

A thorough check is done to you regarding your involvement in any kind of criminal activity or related to any offense that is criminal in nature.

Apart for this:

  • As an applicant, you must possess a skill that is recognized in Australia.
  • You must possess the required qualifications for that specific skill.
  • You must be able to show and prove your relevant work experience.

For more information on the Australia PR Visa please contact me at saurabh.gupta@abhinav.com.

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