Learn How to Become Canada Permanent Resident!

Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

As per the latest report shared by the United Nations (UN) regarding immigration, Canada and Australia are the two top countries that receive the most visa application regarding immigration. Not only this, both the nations accept largest number of application during a year.

Learn about the Canadian immigration process, eligibility and special programmes for different provinces of the nation.

Each and every year, more than 200,000 people are accepted by the Maple Leaf Country as permanent residents. Each and every immigrant has to go through the complete application process. The process allows the immigrants a wonderful opportunity to start a completely new life in the overseas hotspot.

After the application is approved the applicant is allowed to enter the nation as a permanent resident, they might even receive a Permanent Resident Card (which was earlier called the Landed Immigrant form) and after that, they are entitled to enjoy all the rights like other native Canadian does. The main exceptions will be the privileges to vote. Once the applicant receives the PR Card, he can stay for an unlimited period of time in the country and also freely travel outside Canada.

The process for getting the PR or the permanent residency of Canada necessitates that you as an applicant go through a process and that process it is bit complex and requires huge amount of time investment.

The visa procedure keeps changing as the visa policy of the nation keeps changing, new regulation is introduced and due to which the procedure are also modified.

How to Become Canada Permanent Resident & Visa Categories!

Well, there are several categories under which an applicant can apply for Canadian PR and these are:

    Skilled Worker Class Immigration

    Business Class Immigration

    Provincial Nomination

    Family Class Immigration

    Quebec-Selected Immigration

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

The applicant can submit their application under the Skilled Worker Class Immigration and can apply for permanent resident or PR in Canada. Under this visa, the aspirants are evaluated on the basis of

  • Education level
  • Language ability
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Arranged employment
  • Adaptability

Each and every factor is important and it is evaluated individually. It is the overall score scored by the candidate that determines the suitability of an applicant for the PR status in the nation. The evaluation score is from 0 to 100, and the minimum score that is required to qualify is set to 67. So if you failed to score 67 then your application will not be considered.

Business Class Immigration

Under this class of visa, there are applicants who are involved in business– either their own or in partnership. The category also qualifies the applicant for permanent residence.

Under business class entrepreneurs, people who are self-employed, and investors can also apply.

For Investors, they are required to prove their business related experience,

A net worth of 800,000 Canadian Dollars (legally obtained wealth)

An investor should be ready to invest 400,000 Canadian Dollars.

Provincial Nomination

In this process, a province is allowed to nominate applicant who wishes to immigrate and settle in that province.

Under this process, the applicant has to contact the representative immigration office associated with that particular province where he wishes to migrate. He can file for nomination for that particular province. After the procedure of the nomination has been completed, the applicant can apply for the citizenship and migrate to Canada.

Family Class Immigration

Under this system, if the family member of the applicant is already permanent residents in Canada, then they can

Assist the applicant is his PR visa. On the average, 30% of the immigrants who move to the nation are sponsored by family members. People who have received their PR visa can sponsor their family members to the overseas hotspot. Not on this, they can sponsor for a period of 3 to 10 years.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

Under this programme, the Province of Québec, which enjoys a special agreement with the Federal Government of Canada, is allowed to select applicant which the province selects as the best fit that suits its immigration needs.

There is a totally different evaluation process for Quebec-selected immigration and includes the following categories:

    Permanent workers

    Businesspeople

    Students – permanent immigration

    Temporary workers – permanent immigration

    Families

    Sponsored refugees

For more information on the Canada PR Visa please contact me at saurabh.gupta@abhinav.com.

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