Know How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia

Does the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, i.e., Australia, attract you? Are you interested in permanently settling down in the country of the crystal-clear beaches and all round prosperity? If ‘Yes’, then you are on the right page. Let’s know how to successfully apply for permanent residence in Australia, and the various options that we have for the same.

For permanent residence (PR) in the country, one needs an Australian Permanent Visa. It is given to the non-citizens of Oz. Once you have productively obtained the residency, you can live and work in any Australian territory, without any restrictions whatsoever and that too indefinitely, provided; of course, if you do not violate or break any law of the land.
At what stage you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency?

You are entitled to submit a petition for PR once you have lived and worked in a specified regional area of the immigration hotspot for at least two years. It may also include being self-employed in the same year for at least a year, or else you have obtained a sponsorship as per the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia

You have a quite a large option to choose from. Some of the valid options available are as follows:

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program: The object of this very popular scheme is to draw exceedingly employable individuals for migration to Oz even as it’s the most common way of migration to the nation. Significantly, it provides one of the best opportunities to the skilled professionals to live and work in Oz. They can use their employment experience, educational qualifications, language proficiency, and expertise to meet the criteria for a Permanent Australia Visa.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): It is a point based permit for skilled professionals who are not sponsored by a state/territory, their employer or a respective family member. The stated visa permits you and your family to live and work in the area of choice. To process your application, you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI), and if you are invited you have 60 days to process your petition further. This category has replaced offshore Skilled – Independent Subclass 175 Visa and the onshore Subclass 885 Visa.

Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa: It is a point based permit and for skilled professionals who are nominated by Australian state/territory. When an applicant gets his letter of invitation, he ought to also have: nominated a line-of-work that is on the germane Skilled Occupation List (SOL); received an appropriate skills appraisal for that profession; not still become 50 years old; attained the score detailed in his letter of invite based on the issues in the points test; not less than good English language skills; and been offered nomination from a government bureau of either any Australian territory or state.

Along with the main applicant, the family members are also eligible to enjoy the same status. First and foremost, you have to submit an EoI, through Skill Select. You can do the same, either from inside or outside the country, and if you are nominated by a state/ territory and meet the criteria, you will receive an invitation to proceed further. The Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Permit has replaced offshore Skilled Sponsored Subclass 176 Visa and the onshore Subclass 886 Visa.

Besides the above mentioned visa classes, you also have an option to choose from the Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa, and the humanitarian program meant for the refugees and many more.

Amendments in any of the program are not subject to prior notice. Therefore it is beneficial and advisable to consult an immigration expert. These consultants have a strong network, and if any amendment is done, they are the first one to get updated and save you from last minute changes and confusion.

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