Know about various kinds of UK Business Immigration Visa

United e developed nations in the whole world. There are many people who want to expand their business operations in the country. Well UK allows all the businessmen an opportunity to expand their business with one core concept that the business will be good for the economy. It will be able to recruit the UK citizens and thus form a competitive environment.

There are various ways to enter the country. One can either be an investor, entrepreneur or a skilled worker who is required in the expanding EU market. Thus people can apply for these different kinds of UK Business Immigration Visa. The UK government know that there are large number of businessmen who want to migrate to the country thus there are various visa schemes for the on offer.

Well people should know the various kinds of visa requirements and the conditions with every business visa. One can easily find such information on the internet or at the immigration consultant office. There are different kinds of UK business immigration visas which people can apply for. Let us have a look at the investor program of the involved visa.

In the investor program the applicant must be able to invest minimum amount of 750,000 British pounds in the trusts or in any other private firms. One should not be employed in any other company rather than managing their own funds. One should also spend half of their time in the country. The investor must bring in the capital of 1 million British pounds in the country and can invest the rest later.

One will get the said visa for investment for 3 years. One can apply for the extension which will be granted for two years and one can easily manage their business operations.

Another visa category is called as the Entrepreneur Visa. Under this visa the applicant must have minimum amount of 200,000 British pounds. The applicant must be working full time and must also create an opportunity for working for two EEA nationals full time.

Besides this the applicant must also have enough business funds to maintain their business until it is profitable enough. The business plan of the applicant must be realistic, convincing and viable. One should also pass the test of the IELTS by scoring more than or equal to 6.5 band score on each of the 4 modules.

There is another type of business visa which is called as the European Union Association (EUA) Agreement. Under this visa people from Romania and Bulgaria are given chances to expand their business operations and enter the country. The businessmen must have enough funds to support the business plan which should be realistic and viable.

One doesn’t need to appoint any additional staff with this visa. The visa is applicable for 2 years initially. One can also apply for extension of further three years which will be granted only after seeing the development of business in past two years.

There are many people who wish to open their business in the United Kingdom. The UK government offers various kinds of visa for the people. Under the UK Business Immigration Visa people can apply for three categories which are investor, entrepreneur and the EUA association visas.

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