Know about the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

If you are thinking

of applying for Hong Kong immigration under the Quality Migrant Admission scheme, then it is the perfect time to go for it. This particular program

aims to draw highly skilled overseas immigrants with a purpose of enhancing the economic status of the nation.

In the year of 2006, this particular Hong Kong quota-based entrant scheme was executed. The Quality Migrant Admission scheme (QMAS) is basically designed for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs, who intend to live in this country to pursue their professional career and begin with their businesses respectively in Hong Kong.

However, there are a number of nations, people from which are not allowed to apply for Hong Kong immigration under this Scheme, such as: nationals of Cambodia, Afghanistan, Laos, Cuba, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Vietnam and Nepal.

To qualify to enter into this port city under the QMAS, the applicants have to meet a number of prerequisites, as well as have to clear a points-based test and compete for allocation of quotas. The prerequisites include:

  • The applicants have to be either 18 years old or above while submitting an application under this Scheme.
  • The applicants have to show that they can financially support themselves and their dependants in Hong Kong.
  • They should not have any record of criminal activity or have any unfavorable immigration record in the country or in a different place.
  • They must have proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese (Cantonese or Putonghua) or English language.
  • They must have a sound education background; usually a first class from a reputed educational institute, like university or a tertiary educational institution is preferred.

If the applicants are unable to provide necessary supporting documents to prove that they meet all the prerequisites, their applications will not be processed further and thus, will be rejected right away.

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