Know about Australia PR Visa Requirements & Options& Move Abroad With Ease!

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia
Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

Australia PR Visa is one commodity that’s much sought after by the discerning migrants keen to live abroad in style and with all facilities that the developed world can offer these days.

The action of leaving one’s native country where one is residing, with the intent of settling elsewhere is called as ‘Emigration’. There are many factors which drive an individual to move overseas. It can be the plethora of opportunities which exists elsewhere or escaping any negative situation which can endanger one’s safety and health, which can be the driving factors.

One country which offers Permanent Residency to the people from India and elsewhere is Australia. Down Under is a developed country with fantastic infrastructure and a robust economy. People wishing to migrate and live in the hotspot should apply for one of the visas which allows being an Australia PR.

An Australia PR Visa is a type of visa given to foreign national who meet the criteria set by the concerned immigration authorities, who can work, live and study without any restriction like an Australian citizen.

To be eligible for the Australia PR Visa, one has to follow a point based immigration system. The guiding factors for the visa are the points scored in key determining factors, such as education, age, proficiency of English language, and relevant work experience.

Migration Options

The various pathways for migration are:

  • Business Migration
  • Skilled Migration
  • Family Migration
  • Employer Nominated Scheme
  • Regional Skilled Migration Scheme
  • Distinguished Talent
  • Humanitarian Streams

Australia PR Visa Requirements

  • You should be below the age of 50 for Business or Skilled Migration.
  • Documents – Academic Qualifications, Work Experience and employment details, Skill assessment documents, Travel documents, and score of English language proficiency test must be submitted.
  • Choosing the category of Migration which is applicable is also required.
  • People opting for Skilled or Business migration should state and nominate their skill in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) produced by the immigration department.
  • You must also express your intent to stay, work and study. This is reviewed by the immigration department and a nomination from an employer, state or government is extended to further the visa application.
  • You have to produce credible medical certificates stating that you are of sound body and mind.
  • Character vetting is also an important pre-requisite for this visa that you need to fulfil.
  • You will also be checked for any suspected terror links and for any threat to National security.

On fulfilling all the pre-requisites, and selecting the correct visa category, one has to wait for the response from the immigration authority. On your Expression of Interest (EoI) being shortlisted, your Visa application has to be lodged under the appropriate category. On receiving an invitation, duly filled applications, along with all the documents, have to be submitted within 60 days. The next step would be to await the visa application approval for Australia PR Visa.

This whole process is online and assistance would be required for submitting a duly filled and competitive visa application. There are many service providers, who, through their websites, offer their services in this regard.

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