Is it Valid to Cut Australia’s Immigration Quotas?

It all started when recently some people were charged over a conspiracy to storm an army base in Sydney and plotting a suicide attack on a military base. Keeping these issues in mind, Australian lawmaker Kelvin Thomson has suggested marking a reduction in the t of the five arrested for the plotting of the Sydney attack, three of them were of Somali descent. Speculation are being made that these terrorists arrived via the UN refugee program. This clearly depicts the increased number of applicants coming to Australia via UN program at a gradual pace.

According to Mr. Thomson, Islamists enter the country through official channels. This aspect is even more critical than an attack by another country.

But will cutting down the Immigration Quota really solve the issue? Knowing the fact Australia requires Skilled Migrants in the long run, cutting the quotas won’t solve the problem at the core. Therefore, instead of curbing migration quotas under the Skilled Migrant Program, the Australian Government would do well by keeping a careful background check on the applicants under the UN refugee program.

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  1. it is not valid to cut the same,,,,one can sincerely make the rules a lil stringent…But cutting the same wont help

  2. It makes no sense to cut the quotes to me. But they have the right and all the power to do this.

  3. In the long run, Australia needs skilled migrants. That is where is starts and ends. Temporary knee jerk actions, notwithstanding

  4. Its quite snappy and irritable to cut quotas,which is not the solution.To adopt real-time performance skilled migration program may jerks the Australian Government without awareness about needs…

  5. To control quotas is a countries privilege. They opened it in the first place and to have quotas in line with economy needs makes sense

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