Investment Programme Poland–Good Visa Gateway for Getting PR

Immigration visa onlineEurope has always grabbed popularity because of its brilliant location and mesmerizing landscapes, and this is where you find Poland with its excellent location (in the heart of Eastern Europe) that has made it stand at the Number 1 position when it comes to choosing a European immigration destination.

Some recent studies claim that the nation doesn’t pay off with higher income, but other amenities surpass the drawback, and its free education to students and endless business opportunities are something that cannot be ignored and attracts migrants from across the globe.

This is the reason why aspirants overlook the average income, but seize its citizenship for enjoying other benefits. Usually, there is a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) issued to an aspirant for a period of 3 months for whatever reason they wish to enter.

Out of the many visa options,Poland Investor Programme is a good visa gateway that is used by many for attaining the country’s most prized PR status. The plan is tailor-made for the enterprising businessman and investors from overseas.

Under the plan, with an Entrepreneur or Investor Visa, a person needs to invest in the economy,and create some job openings for the local people.

There are temporary and Permanent Residency Visa that is available for the aspirants. While the former allows a person to legally stay in the country for a period of two years with the option of renewal after this time period,the latter allows him to stay for a longer period even asthe visa power enables him to freely move in and out of the country.

While claiming the Investor Visa, an applicant needs to fulfill some basic requirements. They are-

  • Employment agreement with the employer.
  • His place of residence in Poland.
  • Financial stability clearly depicting his position to stay in the country fairly meeting the cost of living.

The Investor Visa that entices migrants to shift to the country takes around 10-60 days depending on the application on the type of visa, furnished by him. The visa that is followed by simple process needs to meet none other than a mandatory requirement of certain fixed investments in the economy that will nurture the growth to it.

Polandis heading towards the top 20 global economies by the year 2030. It has expanded its economic powers despite of its EU low income.It is capable of attracting migrants because of other amenities that it offers to them.

With the new budget proposal, it is clearly stated that the focus of the government will be on:

  1. Scientific research and its commercialization.
  2. Boosting excellent roadways and environmental friendly transport system.
  3. Digitalization with excellent connectivity through broadband and internet.
  4. Green energy
  5. Generating employment opportunities.

All these will further open up gateways for the aspirants and the Investor Visa will help him move to the country for business and investment purposes.

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