Interested To Migrate to Lithuania? Apply for Temporary Residence Visa!

European continent has a lot to offer for immigrants and if they are moving to this place, they are hurled with numerous benefits. To name some of the benefits that would captivate them towards this place is better work culture, education standards, best working hours and above everything, a dynamic environment that completely takes you by storm.

Though this region experienced tough times when the global recession wreaked havoc, and many of the individuals and companies lost their vibes, with the change of time, normalcy is getting returned once again.

So, if you want to make Europe the future of your children and grand children, there could be no better time than now. Things are getting normal and to bolster the growth, more and more skilled immigrants are required. Hence, all the countries in Europe are looking forward to attracting the best brains to help streamline their growth. The same is happening with Lithuania.

It is a very small country. However, if you scale its dynamism, then you will find out that it is one of the best countries that you can possibly visit in Europe.

The Baltic nation has been experiencing a surge in immigration from 2007 onwards and the trend is never on the stopping note. After getting independence in 2000, and entering in the Schengen group of countries, using Lithuania gateway to other countries in the European continent has opened.

Given this, if you are coming to Lithuania, and you get all the documents approved, you can move to any other Schengen country for job and livelihood without any visa. This advantage has given a fillip to look at the nation as an excellent place to live the dreams of hitting almost every European country.

Now, if you are Immigrating to Lithuania, there is Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) for Lithuania that you can avail. At the same time, there is also probability where you can avail the Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) and get a Lithuanian Green Card.

But first and foremost, it is important to note that ways to immigrate to Lithuania gets discussed and then the ways to get TRV will be talked about.

How to get into Lithuania?

It is comparatively an easier realm to crack as compared to other regions in the European Union (EU), and if you are immigrating to this country, you don’t need to show any work experience, expertise, exceptional education standards that would make you an exceptional applicant for the immigration. So, you always get the best benefits that you are possibly looking for.

Lithuanian TRV Requirements

The possibility of getting the Lithuanian TRV increases by manifolds if the applicants are able to meet with every of the requirements that are mentioned below. Take a look and make it a point to ascertain that you are able to meet with majority of the requirements right away.

  1. If you have moved to the overseas hotspot for study and you are continuing with eligibility requirements that are sought for conferring the citizenship level–like proficiency in English and good degree–you can be considered for the TRV that can be deemed permanent over the period of time.
  2. If you have a family back in the country and you want to reunite with them, under section 43, you will be granted TRV and once you have lived for a considerable period of time in the country, the visa can be converted into a permanent one.
  3. You can also get the TRV for Lithuania under section 45 and it allows the applicant to establish a business in the nation that is promising and feasible for the economy and it can bring the best benefits in the first place.
  4. The section 47 of the immigration policy allows for guardianship and this can be availed by any individual that has left Lithuania. However, they have planned to return once again.

So, you can use all of the avenues to make certain that you are able to move to the immigration hotspot without any trouble at all.

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