Interested in Lithuania Immigration? Choose Temporary Residence Visa!

Often people are looking for a place that is away from the normal–a place where you are able to connect deeply with everything. Lithuania is one such place to consider if you are feeling the same way. It is a member of NATO and the Schengen Group, and the moment you enter this country, you are hurled with innumerable benefits that you will eventually understand.

If you love peace, you will definitely love this country since it has no territorial or political conflicts with any of its neighbors. At the same time, as per the recent survey, the Baltic nation has been addressed as the best country in the world to live.

The main reasons were low taxes, negligible crime, no racism, the most modern army and no natural vulnerabilities wreaking havoc. So, by going through all these you would always want to be a part of this country. You can move to Lithuania with Temporary Residence Visa and look forward to Permanent Residency (PR) later on.

Now, you might be wondering the way that can help you move to this country, and how temporary residence visa works. Don’t look baffled as in this piece, you will get to know everything that you desire and the movement will almost be a cakewalk for you.

Just take a quick sneak peek and make sure that you are able to leave a trail in Lithuania.

If you are availing Temporary Residence Permit for Lithuania, then you can live as an alien in this country for a specified period of time. In case, if you are shifting places in the country for living, you will have to ask for permission from the immigration department in Lithuania.

The Temporary Residence Visa can only be granted to the nationals of non European Member countries. For the European Members, they are not required any document, and they can freely move from one country to other in the European Union (EU).

If you are looking forward to Lithuania as a student and you want Temporary Residence Visa, you will have to apply using a specified form concluding that your movement would revolve around education.

You will also be asked to have a valid travel document (passport) along with you for gaining the immigration. This is how the Temporary Residence Visa for Lithuania will work for students. They would be able to enter into the college that they have opted and continue with their studies.

During the course of studies, they would not be allowed to enter into any kind of job whether fulltime or part time. If they are found breaching the code of conduct, action would be taken against them.

The temporary residence permits allows the immigrants to avail their education and move to their homeland if they want. In most cases, you can also stay back in the country and apply for PR after getting any job post the education.

So, it will entirely depend on what you want this year; ensure that immigration to Lithuania becomes a truth certainly.

Summary: If you wish to immigrate to Lithuania, you can always bank upon Temporary Residence Permit for immigration as a student. Take a note of this piece and streamline everything in the best way.

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