Inspired With Nova Scotia Immigration? What You Need To Know!

Those who wish to shift to the Canadian province of Nova Scotia ought to know that, at the present, the time is perfect for the object with the reason being the province has lately made public a new immigration program. The same will make it possible for the immigrants to gain the nation’s prized Permanent Residency (PR) status also. The aspirants will be happy to know that they will not have to be armed with an offer of employment in the province, for moving to it.

Regional Labor Market Demand Segment

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of the province will presently have a fresh scheme–Regional Labor Market Demand Stream. Its doors have been thrown wide open from March 6, 2014. It will provide the aspiring immigrants with a good chance to arrive in the province, and obtain the nation’s PR standing.

Regional Labor Market Demand Stream: Prerequisites

There is no requirement whatsoever of an offer of job at the time of submitting a submission, for immigration to the province, via the above given immigration class. The aspirant will not be greeted with any points-based structure for movement to the province. But, he will have to furnish an employment settlement plan.

The same provides particulars related to the profession to be picked-up in the region, the reason for picking-up the province, the place to be chosen for staying in the province. Apart from this, the aspirant also requires to be qualified in a labor class in high demand.

Further, the applicant’s age ought to be from 21 to 55 years even as he should possess adequate resources for getting settled in the province. He also should have satisfactory English language skills, and degrees, diplomas or certificates from a post-secondary establishment.

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