India’s shining story as business nation – by USCIS

India is rising as a trade nation in the United States, as of statistics, released by the more visas in some categories comparatively other countries in the world, by publishing the 2011 Yearbook of Immigration and Statistics.

However, the scenario was completely different six years before. In the year of 2005, the total number of 665,202 Indians were issued visas to enter the nation – out of them – 376,156 were travelled to the US on B1/B2 visas.

In the same year, the total number of 61,408 Indian students got visas to complete their study from the US based universities/institutions. In addition to this, 194,611 Indian workers were issued temporary work visas to work and stay in the nation.

The benefits offered under the B1 visa are meant to be availed by those who are travelling to the country for business purpose. The B1 visa holders are granted to participate in business meetings, but not allowed to undertake any paid assignments.

B2 visas, quite the contrary, are issued for catering the desires (of people) for tourism purpose. Both, B1 and B2 visas are issued in a combined form to offer business as well tourism purpose. Such visas are valid for six months; include an extension facility as well.

The year 2011 witnessed virtually doubled figure – 1,222,902 Indians were granted visa – out of these numbers – 762,575 Indians were issued B1/B2 visas. Moreover, 96,828 were issued to the Indian students and 318,955 Indians were allowed to work in the US by getting the temporary workers visa.

The above figure clearly supports the fact of India’s rise as a business nation in the US as it heads in the league table in several categories. In 2011, the total number of 147,920 H-1B visas were issued to those of Indian citizens. Such visas are meant to be issued to those of overseas graduates involving into special occupations, which need specific knowledge.

There are only 65,000 H-1B visas issued yearly, initially for 3 years. The visa holders are allowed to bring their family members in the country and stay with them. This is the main reason why the number of such visas issued increases the cap.

The statistics made it clear that citizens of no other countries were granted so many H-1B visas; the North American country (Canada) got the second place by claiming the total number of 88,000. China and UK claimed 23,700 and 19,300 respectively.

Apart from that, Indians are also far ahead as compared to other nations in obtaining L1 intra company transfer visa. Statistically, 64,482 visas were granted to Indian citizens in 2011, whereas Mexicans and Japanese were received 62,000 and 45,400 respectively.

Meanwhile, Indians also witnessed a major refusal of applications. In the previous year, nearly 26.8 per cent Indian applicants had been refused to grant B1/B2 visas. Indians applying under the temporary work visa category had also faced a large number of refusals.

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