Indian Press Responsible for Drop in Student Permits, Alleges British Minister

According to a report, the concerned minister of the UK has blamed a reduction in the figure of students arriving for study purposes in the country from the Indian sub-continent on the vigorous press in India & Pakistan. He stressed that drops in the figure of students from these countries, pursuing studies at the many universities of the nation, were brought about by a wrong view that Britain was not very friendly to real students. He added that the volume of Chinese students in the country has kept on heading north since the Chinese media has fully identified with the UK administration’s stand on the issue.
A new Coalition administration stormed to power in Britain in 2010 pledging to reduce immigration to below 100,000 per annum from the then stage of 250,000 per annum.
Fake Students
A key

measure that the administration took was to come down hard on false students. The British Home Office started language tests for the Tier 4 Student Permit aspirants even as it also made universities keep much more all-inclusive records of attendance, to attempt and confirm that the main goal of the Tier 4 Permit holders is to pursue studies rather than do a job in the Island Nation. Still, numerous Tier 4 students are permitted to get employed on a part-time basis for the duration of term time, and on a permanent basis for the period of their holidays.
The UK Home Office also took away the Tier 4 sponsorship permits of 700 more education colleges, successfully shutting them down. With a view to gain a Tier 4 Student Permit, it is vital that an overseas student first get sponsorship from a registered Tier 4 sponsor British educational establishment.
It is also essential that the aspirant also manages to prove that he has sufficient academic credentials, and also the funds to support himself in the nation. Allegedly, the said steps did not go gone down too well with the Indian sub-continent wherein the figure of candidates has nose-dived remarkably whilst in China the aspirants reportedly know that it is still possible for the lawful students to file a petition, with no figure constraints whatsoever.
But the

message has evidently not reached the students

in India. During 2012, the first ever decrease in the volume of Indian students arriving on the soils of the UK, for study purposes, was seen even as the figure headed south by 38%.
Students from India Not Enrolling for Study Courses in Britain
In 2013, an additional major reduction in the number of Indian students was seen, and there were as much as 24% fewer students from this part of the world starting studies in Britain in 2013, vis-à-vis in 2012.

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