Many people from around the world visit UK every year. It is one of the developed nations and has many beautiful tourist spots which attract lots of crowd. UK is primarily a spot for the business people, but it has also become a tourist attraction from the last few years.

People used to visit UK, but in the past few years the number of tourists visiting UK has increased tremendously. Some are attracted by the Big Ben, while some are interested in watching the Tower of London, Stonehenge or St. Paul’s Cathedral. But anyone who enters the country needs a permission or visa and thus there are UK tourist visa application forms.

These UK tourist visa application forms will help the person to get the visa. It is basically a detailed report about the reason or purpose behind the visit. One can easily find these application forms on the internet. Also the interested people can visit the immigration consultant and ask about the form. The immigration consultant can also guide you about the type of form to be filled and necessary requirements.

There are some basic requirements for the UK visa and that is that one must have a passport applicable for at least six months. Also besides this the person must have filled the application form and also stated the purpose for his or her visit. There are different visas for different purposes.

If a person is visiting a friend in UK then he or she can apply for General visitor, child visitor and ADS visitor application forms. If a person is coming with family then he can apply for family visitor visa, for business there is business visa, to study there is student visa, for sportsperson a sports visa, for entertainer an entertainer visa and for other purposes one can apply for marriage or medical treatment

In the past few years the tourists visiting UK have increased drastically and each person visiting the country has different purpose. But each person who wants to enter the country has

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