What To Keep In Mind To Increase Chances Of Immigration Via Canada Express Entry 2015?

Since the day the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the concerned immigration and visa body of the nation, announced the much talked about a widely covered Express Entry System, the number of prospective immigrants, willing to move to the country, has risen up significantly.

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It is expected that the inquisitive inquiries, regarding the Express Entry 2015, will further head north. In this backdrop, it is better to find-out as to how to increase the chances of immigration to the nation, via the newly introduced system. So far, the response the system has received from the prospective immigrants has simply been out of this world and incredible.

Now let’s have a look on how to increase immigration chances through Canada Express Entry 2015!

You may improve your score

In order to improve your score, there are certain things that you may do that will help you to remarkably increase the possibility of receiving an ‘Invitation to Apply’ (ITA). You can work on certain factors that play a decisive role in getting your name picked up.

For example, you may want to:

  • Get an appointment letter from a Canadian employer though Canada Job Bank, or promote yourself to Canadian employers, via private sector job boards.
  • Obtain provincial/territorial sponsorship using Provincial Nominee Programmes.
  • Improve your education qualification.
  • Increase your work experience in a relevant filed.
  • Improve you language proficiency.

Language score plays an important role

If you are thinking of immigrating to the Maple Leaf Country, and have not appeared for a language test or you have performed poorly, you should not even think of creating an online profile because without language score you will be blocked soon after answering couple of questions.

Hence, you should appear for IELTS or CELPIP (designated English language assessment centers authorized by CIC). Also remember: the CIC does not entertain old CELPIP-G test any more. Hence, you will appear for the CELPIP – General 2014.

LMIAs increase the chance of getting an ITA

As of now 12 draws has already taken place, and you may have observed applicants with a job offer from a Canadian employer or by a permanent LMIA have for surely received an ITA. But do not nurse negative thoughts that if you do not have a job offer you are not likely to receive an ITA. The CIC has time again indicated that they aim to draw applicants with high human capital. The LMIA is just an added advantage and not a condition.

Avoid misrepresentation in any form

Initially, because documentation is not required, it is rather easy to provide false information considering the myth that the applicant can always correct their mistakes in future. But the truth is that this is not reality. At the time of documentation, providing false information may weaken your petition, and you may be penalized depending on the severity of your act. Some of the major stops likely to be misrepresented are work experience, education Credentials and language proficiency.

Do not trust the Express Entry wizard blindly

It has been come to the notice that the Express Entry wizard has been performing poorly. At certain places, the wizard states complete where as it was known some questions remained unanswered. Given this, be very careful while filling the petition. Incomplete applications are likely to be rejected.

Get your profile reviewed by someone before you submit

Though creating online profile is relatively an easy task, and one really does not have to apply a formula, the fact is that it is in your favor to get the same proof read by some reliable person. An application with silly mistakes is a proof how serious you are regarding acquiring the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) status of the Maple Leaf Country.

Summary: Canada Express Entry 2015 is proving to be a boon for the prospective immigrants. Those who are seriously thinking of applying for the Express Entry System must consider various factors that will help them increase their immigration chances. Such factors vary from improving the language score to getting one’s profile reviewed by some trusted authority.

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